“Green Machine” (photo courtesy
of Gulfcoastgreenenergy.com)

I read a really neat article today on the Gulf Cost Green Energy website, titled “Going Green: The Practical Payoffs of Geothermal Energy,” that reported about a guy in Texas named Loy Sneary who has a machine that can convert wasted energy from steam stacks, boilers, and oil wells.  According to Mr. Sneary, we waste almost 60% of the energy we use to create heat or electricity.  His machine is kind of like a fancy heat pump/steam generator, and just maximizes energy through heat induction between heated air or water and a refrigerant that converts to pressurized steam inside a coil that is then used to generate electricity–all without any emissions.

Frankly, I’m not a scientist or even an alternative energy expert, but it sounds reasonably logical.  They rigged it up at Texas A&M apparently, and it all just worked out peachy.  I’m all for greener alternative forms of energy, and this certainly seems to take the cake for that.  I will certainly follow this guy’s development of this technology.  My only concern is that this article doesn’t have too much written up on it–maybe it’s hokey, or maybe it’s because it’s being repressed.  Or, it just hasn’t had anything written up on it, yet. (conspiracy theories anybody?)

Read more about the “Green Machine” right here =>

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