Once again, the U.S. Government has failed in its attempt to take control of the private sector networks that, in effect, support the internet.

Okay, the U.S. Government isn’t some hulking, fire-breathing Godzilla-like monster, trying to rip the internet away from us, bit by bit.  Actually, the government consists of many different human-like legislators — some who seem to think that we need to protect the internet’s vulnerable areas from possible hackers and cyber-terrorists, who might use it to shut down the power grid, drain the Federal Reserve, or some such other nefarious task.  Other legislators take the stance that, if they all offer up control of our cyberworld to be ruled by federal agencies, their constituents won’t re-elect them.

Either way, I’m glad that the internet is still a bit of a lawless entity.  I believe that we need to protect important things like the national power grid–but WHY would you have it completely rely on internet connections to begin with?  Something that important seems to warrant its own network with the CAPABILITY of connecting with the rest of the united worldwide network (to check email).  Of course, I know nothing about power grids, per se, other than it has electric in it.

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