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With Halloween coming up very soon, it is important to start thinking about how to keep yourself and your children safe during this fun (and a little scary) holiday. By following these tips, you can avoid common hazards such as burning yourself while brewing potions, casting spells, or even getting mauled by a werewolf. Whether you are staying in passing out treats to neighborhood ghouls and goblins, or you’re going to be out trick-or-treating yourself, these Halloween safety tips are perfect for just about everyone.

Never Leave Your Caldron Unattended

Halloween is a great time for parties, and that means brewing up your favorite potions and other concoctions for yourself and your guests. If you are busy brewing while also trying to clean up your castle, you could end up with a fire or other disaster!

According to the latest statistics, more than 2500 people are injured in caldron related accidents each year, and 1100 homes experience fires. These stats don’t even include injuries related to exposure to the fumes that could develop when overcooking a hex or potion. While you undoubtedly have a lot you need to get done, keeping your focus on your brewing at all times will help ensure a safe and scary holiday.

Witch's Broom

Have Your Broom Tuned Up

There is no feeling in the world like flying through the crisp Halloween evening air on your broom. This is the one night each year when you don’t really have to be worried about being seen by someone since all the witches and wizards are out and about. If you haven’t had your broom tuned up in a while this could lead to a big problem.

Most brooms today need to have regular maintenance performed at least every 600 hours of flight. If you neglect this type of maintenance, you could find yourself falling out of the air with nothing but the hard ground to break your descent. Remember, this time of year is especially busy at the witch mechanic’s closet, so the sooner you bring your broom in, the better.


Test New Spells in a Safe Area

What better way than Halloween to test out new spells, curses, hexes, and other fun activities. For many, it is a family tradition to teach the kids new spells on this important holiday. It is important to remember that whenever trying something new, things don’t always go as planned.

If you are trying out a new spell to produce warts on the face of your enemies, for example, why not cast it first on the arm or leg of a stranger to make sure it works as intended. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently give your enemies some type of power, or make them more attractive!


Keep Your Werewolf on a Leash

If you plan on taking your werewolf out for a walk today, make sure to keep it on a leash. Even the best of wolves can get startled from all the children running around and shouting. The last thing you want to have to do is clean up the remains of ‘wolfie’s’ meal when you are supposed to be out having fun with the kids.  Even if you are leaving your werewolf home for the evening, it is a good idea to secure them in a cage so they don’t attempt to break out and feast on anyone who comes to your door.

Ensure Your Children Are Properly Supervised While Trick-or-Treating


If your children will be going out trick-or-treating, make sure they are properly supervised at all times. You never know when they will inadvertently approach a gingerbread home, only to be lured in by a wicked witch looking for a meal. If you can’t go out with them, you can always send a properly trained Kodiak bear, or even hire a team of goblins to serve as body guards. There are plenty of options, and with a little planning, you can be confident your little ones will have a great time, while staying safe.

Remember, Halloween only occurs once per year, and while it can be tempting to just go out and have fun with reckless abandon, that can lead to devastating consequences. Taking a little time during the days and weeks leading up to the big event can ensure you don’t run into any problems, and everyone still has a great time!

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