Has Big Brother Come to Stay? Facebook App May Challenge Personal Privacy Rights

Anna Brading’s article, “New Facebook app Facedeals scans your face to offer you deals” on the “Naked Security” website reports about a new app that uses face recognition software and webcams to capture your facial features while you are out-and-about, and automatically check you in to Facebook.

So, for example, you may have publicized a new diet you are trying on various social media outlets, and, say, you go to a McDonald’s equipped with a camera with Facedeals, and it automatically checks you in as having visited their establishment. Boom, your diet has been broken and your  whole social network has now seen how far you’ve fallen!  Yuck.

Privacy issues are a major factor with this kind of technology, not to mention it reeks of a dystopia of Orwellian proportions. I love new technology, and I have to say that, although this tech is pretty cool, I can’t support this kind of app.  I prefer to let others know where I am on my own terms, and I value my privacy.

To check out Ms. Brading’s article, click here. =>

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