Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape

A Review of SafetyTac ARMOR Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape is one of the best ways to convey information in most facilities. Whether it is used to mark off areas where vehicles will be driving, or to alert people to a potential danger, it is an easy and affordable way to improve overall hazard communication.

When placing this tape in high traffic areas, however, it is more susceptible to get damaged over time. This is especially true when hi-lows, and other vehicles are constantly driving over the tape. If you’re looking for a long lasting solution to these high traffic areas, you will want to look into heavy duty floor marking tape.

SafetyTac ARMOR floor tape is designed to be the most durable, longest lasting tape on the market today. It can stand up to almost any environment without tearing, ripping or scraping up. Despite its incredible strength, however, it is still extremely easy to apply to the ground and doesn’t have any difficult installation instructions.

Installing SafetyTac ARMOR Floor Tape

You install this heavy duty floor marking tape just like you would any other floor tape. First, clean the area where the tape will be placed, and make sure there is no debris that it might stick to. Once clean, mark off the areas where the tape will go with either a laser line or a chalk box. This will help make sure the tape is placed in a perfectly straight line.

When ready, begin peeling off the protective coating on the back, and place it where it needs to go. As you go along, apply firm pressure to the tape to ensure it is sticking properly, and move on. There is no need to wait for it to dry or cure like with other floor marking systems. In addition, there are no toxic fumes or other potential problems that can cause a facility to have to cut back production while it is installed.

While it is not technically necessary, it is a good idea to walk over the tape once it is installed to ensure it is stuck all the way down. This will help to correct any areas where you may not have applied it properly during installation. Once done, however, you can begin driving over the tape without any problems.

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Made for Durability

When SafetyTac was working on making their heavy duty floor marking tape, they wanted to make sure that it would be the most durable tape in the world. The following are some of the things that really help this tape to stand out from the competition:

  • 104-mil Thickness – This tape is 104 mil thick, which is well above most other floor marking tapes on the market today. This added thickness helps to ensure it is extremely durable.
  • Heavy Duty Composite Material – The material used in this tape is a composite that can stand up to just about anything. It is rigid, yet shatter and break resistant, which makes it perfect for any environment.
  • Low Profile – Once installed, this tape really has quite a low profile so it won’t catch on vehicles, shoes or other objects. In addition to helping the tape to last a long time, it also makes it a safer option for most facilities.

Everything about the way this tape is made was done with durability in mind. When you feel it, you’ll know that this is a strong, long lasting tape that will stand up to anything your facility can throw at it.

Tested to be the Best

When it comes to durability, no other floor marking tape on the market today can compete. In fact, the SafetyTac ARMOR tape has been tested in some of the most demanding environments in the world. Places like automotive manufacturing facilities and warehouses, which are among the roughest facilities when it comes to any type of floor marking system.

In these locations the tape is run over by all sorts of different vehicles, walked on by thousands of people, and exposed to harsh elements. Despite all of these things, however, the tape remains in excellent shape.

The following are just a few of the many things that have been used on and around this tape, without causing any problems:

  • Foot Traffic – With thousands of people walking through facilities every day, foot traffic is often one of the biggest problems for floor tape. Many people scuff their feet, or kick at the tape, but this is not a problem for the ARMOR option.
  • Carts – Having carts loaded up with heavy items pushed over floor marking tape can often cause problems. These carts typically have very small wheels, which can cause them to drag over the floor marking tape.
  • Vehicles – everything from indoor fork lifts to full sized semi-trucks have been driven over this tape, and it doesn’t cause an issue. The rigid design can stand up to virtually any weight without cracking or breaking.
  • Dragged Items – Even though it is discouraged, there are times in most facilities when items are dragged across the floor rather than lifted with a cart or vehicle. This can easily pull up most types of floor tape, but not the SafetyTac ARMOR tape. It will easily slide right over the edges, and back down the other side without causing any damage.

This heavy duty marking tape has been tested and proven strong enough for places where other floor tape has never even been attempted. There is really no doubt that the SafetyTac ARMOR marking tape is the most durable choice for your facility.

Multiple Order Options

In addition to being durable, however, this is also a very functional floor marking tape. You’ll have a variety of excellent choices regarding the size and color of the tape so you can get exactly what your facility needs.

It is currently available in yellow, blue, red and green so you can use it for just about anything you need in the facility. When you order, you’ll get a full 40’ of this tape, and it can be either two or four inches wide, depending on your specific needs.

Of course, if you need more than 40’ of this durable tape, you can place multiple orders right next to each other and have the tape stretch out as long as you need it.

Choosing Heavy Duty over Traditional Floor Marking Tape

It is clear that heavy duty floor marking tape is a great option for many situations within a facility. The big question for many people will be whether or not it is necessary in a given area. Comparing normal floor marking tape with heavy duty options can be difficult.

Of course, traditional floor marking tape is still very strong and long lasting. It is the ideal choice for most everyday uses. You really only need to go with heavy duty tape in parts of a facility that have lots of traffic, or higher than normal vehicle use.

In addition, if you have previously tried normal floor marking tape in a specific area and found that it did not last as long as you would expect, you may want to give this upgraded version a try. While it is more expensive than normal floor marking tape, it may save you money in the long run since it won’t need to be replaced for a very long time.

All about Safety

While most people are very impressed with the durability of this great tape, the fact is the most important thing about it is that it can improve safety in your facility. Once you have it installed in your facility, people will be able to easily see it from a great distance away.

Even though the durability is what inspired the creation of this great tape, it is the safety that really makes it the best choice for any facility. No matter where you are installing it, this tape will help keep your facility nice and safe.

Making the Purchase

Once you order your floor marking tape, you will want to get it installed as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying the many benefits. Unlike most other floor marking systems, you won’t need to worry about shutting down the facility while it is being installed.

Simply clear a small area at a time, and put it down on the floor. The whole process really only takes a very short amount of time, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come. So, even if you think your facility is too rough for floor marking tape, order this unique option and see if it can stand up to your facility.

You can purchase your SafetyTac ARMOR Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape by contacting Creative Safety Supply at 1-866-777-1360

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