How Safe is Your Workplace?

On, author Jessica Di Sabatino, whose brother was killed in a workplace accident, writes about some of the working conditions for employees in some of the Chinese-based factories that supply iphones and ipads for Apple.  Although she is a fan of Apple and its sleek, stylish electronic products, Di Sabatino calls them out on their lack of regulating the suppliers from which they make their profits.

No Excuse for Unsafe Conditions

According to Di Sabatino, workers in these manufacturing facilities are often overworked, underpaid, and subjected to hazardous chemicals, dangerous environments, and there is very little safety regulations in place.  She wonders whether a company at the pinnacle of success shouldn’t be the leader in offering workers who supply their products basics safety and respect.  She concludes with the following:

I like Apple – I like their products. I would be willing to pay more for their products if I knew that I was buying a device that wasn’t made at the expense of someone’s life or dignity.  I’m sure that there are other people out there like me.  If I expect to be treated well when I go to work, then as a decent human being I should also expect that other people get the same level of respect that I receive.  It only seems right that if companies are getting financial benefit from their workers that these workers should be given respect and treatled fairly and as the global world gets smaller and smaller it only seems human.

Taking a Stand Against Culprits

I’ve owned many Apple products in my day, and all I can say is that, although most of us know this exists, I think Apple (and other corporations who choose to remain ignorant of the conditions in their suppliers’ factories) should either be penalized and disgraced into changing their current direction, or its customers should expect them to change– via mass boycotts of their products.  This is the only way to make a corporation change course, and I honestly don’t see it happening.

To read Di Sabatino’s article, “Humans Working for Apple,” click here =>

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