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In the working world, labels warn employees and sometimes even customers of potential hidden dangers in the workplace, and contribute to the safety of a work culture in their own subtle way. They’re so ingrained in industrial environments that most people might take some of the signage and labeling that keeps them safe for granted, despite its importance. The fact remains, however, that more and more business owners and safety managers are taking advantage of the increased availability and decreased costs by purchasing their own label makers outright. In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to describe some of the top models available today and work through finding a label maker that will save you time and money while also simultaneously improving your safety adaptability.

Why You Should Own an Industrial Label Maker

Even though there are many signage shops still in existence, they are steadily declining in demand as people begin to embark on their own journey of label printing right in their own work facilities. Actually, the savings over time of printing your own labels can quickly add up and actually put you in the black on your primary purchase investment rather quickly. Online vendors and shops selling labels generally need to establish high markups on their products in order to stay profitable. As the owner of a label maker, you’ll be paying simply for baseline material costs, which are relatively cheap.

Labels simply make your life a whole lot easier. In the safety world, labels are used every day to warn workers about pipes carrying temperature-extreme or dangerous elements, containers of hazardous materials, tripping/falling/slipping hazards, and more. It’s not a stretch to surmise that companies with in house printing capabilities are actually safer than their counterparts without, simply because the barriers to labeling potential safety dangers are much higher. Employers might avoid or delay getting extra labels if they have to go out of their way to order them, however with a label maker right there on standby, you’re just a few second seconds away from printing what you need so you can label a newly-spotted potential danger quickly and effectively.

In addition, the ability to make labels on demand improves customer clarity. The process of finding, identifying, and getting detailed information on a product can be instantly altered and improved with a quick label fix or addendum.

What to Look for when Purchasing an Industrial Label Maker?

When you find yourself on a sales page staring at several small gray/black boxes that all seem to look more or less the same, how do you know what to go for? In general, you want to look for the following features in any high end label maker:

Print Size: The height at which a label maker can print will always have a fixed maximum. You need to take a look at the type of labels you’ll be making and determine how much height you’re going to need. Will four inch tall labels work? Do you need to be able to print larger labels visible from further away? This is going to be your first consideration. Hint: The number in a model’s name will likely correspond to its maximum print width.

Print Quality: From graphic design to at-home use, 300 DPI (dots per inch) is the standard resolution for most printing suites and allows you crisp, non-pixelated graphics when printing at a range of dimensions. Check the print resolution of any label maker.

Integration: Most, but not all, brands will interface with your computer easily via USB cable or wifi, and allow you to design your labels in any number of programs before sending them off to print. This affords you full control of everything you make.

Manufacturer and Reseller Integrity: As with any product, certain brands are known to last longer than others, and certain brands/sellers are going to offer (and back up) better warranty claims than others. Be sure to look before you leap here, just like with any purchase for your business.

The Stars of the Show

To give you an idea, here are some top performers in the industrial label maker market, along with their features and who they’re a good fit for:

The LabelTac 4 Printer – As the star of our entry level gems, the LabelTac 4 can print (you guessed it!) label designs of up to four inches tall, and as small as just half an inch. The LabelTac 4 will connect to any PC easily via USB cable, and can then be printed to from anything from MS Word to Photoshop. The machine prints sharp 300 DPI labels and comes with a suite of features like lifetime support and warranty, a free black print ribbon, and a host of industrial templates and symbols to get you off to a quick start. The LabelTac 4 is aimed at those with low to medium volume needs for label printing, and is currently $100 off, making it just $699. Purchase the LabelTac 4 HERE
The LabelTac 4 PRO – Where the LabelTac 4 is marketed at those just discovering their labeling needs, the LabelTac 4 PRO is designed to hold larger ribbons and print hundreds to thousands of labels each and every day without breaking a sweat. This model has up to three times the capacity of the LabelTac 4, and the internal workings of the machine are designed with high volume, repetitive tasking in mind. Like its younger cousin, the LabelTac 4 PRO is easily integrated with your work or home PCs and prints at dimensions of up to four inches at 300 DPI. Also $100 off, the LabelTac 4 PRO comes in at just $899 right now, making it one of the best bang-for-your-buck buys on the market for printing high volumes of small to medium labels. Purchase the LabelTac PRO HERE
The LabelTac 4+ – Of course, if neither of those fits you just right, there’s one more LabelTac 4 that made our list, and it’s the 4+. Features on the LabelTac 4+ are comparable to its two related models in terms of connectivity, size potential, and print quality, but it’s taken the best of both worlds – namely the low profile of the LabelTac 4 and the higher capacity of the LabelTac 4 PRO – and found a comfortable middle-ground. The LabelTac 4+ has a smaller footprint when compared to the other LabelTac 4 models, so it is able to fit comfortably in smaller spaces. This makes the LabelTac 4+ a perfect fit for those whose volume needs are pushing the limits of the LabelTac 4, but who are perhaps operating a on a budget and/or don’t need the jump to the PRO model. Currently, this happy medium is on sale and splits the difference between the other two models at $799. Purchase the LabelTac 4+ HERE
The LabelTac 6 Printer – The first of our two models on the list that jump into the “elite” category carries with it a substantial jump in price. That said, this is the first model of the list to feature it’s own LCD screen and button layout, making commands and settings adjustments directly from the machine itself a reality. The build is also noticeably more industrial, with a metal chassis to help ensure longevity in industrial environments. This machine not only prints larger labels (up to six inches), but it also prints fast – at up to six inches per second. Six buttons, six inch width, six inches per second print speed: We know, there are a whole lot of sixes going on here. This larger format machine is more than cutout to take on a huge range of label printing needs, and the jump into a larger format also helps it tackle tasks the LabelTac 4 line can’t. It’s also $100 off right now, bringing the price to $2,799. Purchase the LabelTac 6 HERE
The LabelTac 9 Printer – Ladies and gentlemen, the Mercedes Benz of label making: The LabelTac 9. As you know by now, that “9” means that labels up to 9 inches tall are now a reality. Constructed much like the LabelTac 6, with metal casing material, an LCD screen and button layout, and huge capacity, the LabelTac 9 can shred (figuratively) through just about anything you throw at it. The print speed for this large format is slightly slower, at 4 inches per second, but its optional features allow for attachments and modules not seen in other models like Bluetooth functionality, a separate cutter module, and more. At its current discounted price of $3,899, the LabelTac 9 is a powerful workhorse for high-volume clients. Purchase the LabelTac 9 HERE

Of course, with all LabelTac printers, you’ll enjoy a lot of standard peace of mind, including

  • A lifetime warranty
  • Ongoing support
  • Huge savings (50%-80% on average over buying your labels from a third party)
  • Top quality supply materials
  • Customizable color and label ribbon options
  • The ability to rent machines for temporary usage
  • And satisfaction guarantees

In fact, all that’s really left up to you is to decide which model best suits your own needs. We certainly hope this has helped in your decision making process, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any further industrial label maker questions you might have!

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