Industrial Label Printer for Manufacturing

Are You Looking for an Industrial Label Printer for Your Manufacturing Facility?

Industrial label printer manufacturingWhen running a manufacturing facility it is important that you have all the right equipment available to get the job done properly. While every facility is unique and will require different types of equipment, one thing almost every manufacturing facility needs is an industrial label printer.

On the surface industrial label printers are a fairly simple device, but when you look at the many ways they can be used in the manufacturing industry you will quickly see just how important they are. No matter what type of manufacturing you do, take a few minutes to read all about how industrial label printers can benefit your business.

Uses for Industrial Label Printers in Manufacturing

Industrial-Label-ExampleIf you’ve never used an industrial label printer in a manufacturing facility before you may be wondering what the real benefit will be. With that in mind, we put together a quick list of some of the many different ways that facilities around the world use these printers.

  • Chemical Labels – If you’re working with any type of hazardous chemicals in your facility you will likely be required to have specific labels on all the containers. Having an industrial label printer helps you to stay in compliance with these regulations and also replace worn labels to ensure they are easy to read.
  • Shipping Labels – If your facility ships any products or inventory out of the facility, it can be very helpful to have an industrial label printer to create the shipping labels automatically. Good quality labels can help avoid lost packages or delays in having things get where they need to go.
  • Identifying Equipment – You can quickly print off custom labels that will be applied to equipment throughout your facility. These labels can be used to identify each item quickly and easily. One major benefit this can have is keeping the maintenance schedules organized for each item.
  • Industrial-Label-Example2Barcodes & QR Codes – This one is similar to the previous point, but it is important enough to get its own spot. Industrial label printer have the ability to create high quality barcodes or QR codes. This can help a facility improve organization and efficiency in many ways.
  • Wall Signs – You can use a good industrial label printer to create a customized sign for use in your facility. Making multiple labels and applying them to a wall or other area is quick and easy with a good quality label printer. This is the fastest and easiest way to get the visual communication signs you require.
  • Quality Labeling – Some people mistakenly think that they can just use a normal printer to make their labels. The fact is, however, that the labels from laser or ink jet printers are nowhere near as good in terms of quality. They can’t stand up to moisture, chemicals or even sunlight in most cases, which is why a good industrial label printer is so important.
  • Saving Time – When you need a specific label for your facility the last thing you want to have to do is order it from a professional label company. This can take days, and for custom labels it can take even longer. By using your own printer at your own manufacturing facility you can have the label printed in just a few minutes so you can get everything completed right away.
  • Saving Money – The last, but certainly not least important, benefit I’ll list here is that you can save a lot of money. Having a third party print shop create custom labels for your facility is very expensive. By using your own in-house industrial label printer you can create the exact label you need for a fraction of the cost.

There are many other uses for industrial label printers in manufacturing as well. These are just a few of the most popular in today’s environment. Each facility will quickly find many ways that they can use their printer to help improve safety, organization, visibility and more. Given the fact that each label costs so little, you can experiment with a variety of uses to see what is best for your facility.

Choosing Your Industrial Label Printer

LabelTacOnce you’ve decided that you do need an industrial label printer for your manufacturing facility you will want to find out how to get the best one. There are many different makes and models for these printers so taking the time to get the proper option is critical. Review some of the following key options so you can make an educated decision.

Color vs Black & White

As with just about any type of printer, you will need to decide whether you need a color label printer or one that only prints in black and white. While black and white are typically a little cheaper, the limitation is quite significant. Many regulatory requirements for labeling do call for color, which is why the vast majority of manufacturing facilities will opt for the color option.

Label Sizes

Another important factor to consider is the size of label that you will need to print. Different models of label printers have the ability to print different size labels. Keep in mind that in almost all cases, large label printers can also be set to make smaller labels. So, when choosing your industrial label maker you will want to select the model that has the ability to print labels as big as you will need them.

Control Panel

While most of the setup and configuration for a given print job will be done from a computer, many industrial label printers will also have some settings on the printer itself. This control panel can adjust things like the resolution of a print job, the type of labels being printed and much more. More advanced models will have more settings and some even have a digital display for easy use. Find the model that will meet your needs while staying within your budget.


One nice thing about industrial label printers is that they are all made to last. Manufacturers such as LabelTac know that these printers are often used in dirty and potentially hazardous areas. There are, however, some options that are made to be extra rugged. Consider where your printer will be used and decide whether or not you might need the extra durability that some models can offer.

Volume Requirements

How many labels will you need to be printing with your industrial label printer? Some manufacturing facilities only need to make a few labels, and others need dozens or even thousands per day. Finding a label printer that is designed to meet the volume requirements of your facility is very important. This can help ensure the labels are printed quickly enough and that your printer won’t burn out from heavier use than it was designed for.

Label Types

Most modern industrial label printers will be able to print on virtually every type of label medium on the market today. Whether this is vinyl labels, cryogenic labels, high temperature labels or any of the other options out there it is good to know that your printer can handle it all. Find out what types of labeling materials you plan on using and confirm that the printer you choose can print on it properly.

Training Your Employees

One last thing to keep in mind when getting an industrial label printer for manufacturing is making sure your employees know how and when to use it. Industrial label printers aren’t the same thing as traditional ink jet or laser printers, so a little training can be very helpful.

High quality industrial label printers will come with easy to use software that will allow you to design and print your own labels right away. Taking some time to show people throughout the facility how to use this software is one of the biggest steps you’ll need to take

In addition to understanding how to use the software, showing people how to change print ribbons, label types and other settings is very important.

If people don’t know how to use the industrial label printer properly they won’t likely cause any damage, but they can cause a lot of waste. People ‘experimenting’ with the label printer can go through dozens of labels and lots of ink very quickly. This, of course, can be avoided by providing them with the proper training right away.

Choosing the Right Printer for Long Term Satisfaction

As you can see, there are many benefits to having an industrial label printer for your manufacturing facility. When choosing one, however, there are also a lot of factors to consider. By taking the time to understand all the different options you have available you can help ensure you will have a printer that can get the job done today and long into the future.

One of the nicest things about industrial label printers is that they are made to last for many years. If you invest the time and money to get the proper printer for your facility, you won’t have to think about it again for quite some time.

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