Industrial Label Printer – Labeling Ideas

Industrial Label Printer – Labeling Ideas

Getting a facility to invest in a good industrial label printer can be difficult. While they are fairly affordable in the big scheme of things, many companies are pretty tight on the budgets so getting approval for something like a LabelTac printer for custom labeling often requires a strong business case.

Most people can come up with a few good ways that they could use an industrial label printer right away, but when it comes to creating a full business case, they may draw a blank. Whether you’re looking to get approval to buy a label printer or you’re just looking to get the most out of the one you already have, the following labeling ideas can be a great help.

Labeling Bins & Other Storage Areas

One of the most common uses for custom labels is to make sure all the bins and shelves are properly identified. This will make it much easier for employees to find the items they need quickly and easily, which eliminates a lot of wasted time and effort. It will also help ensure that items are put where they belong so they won’t get lost or misplaced.

As you can see from the following picture, you can label both the shelving units themselves and the bins that items are stored in. This ‘two tiered’ labeling system can be very helpful because it will make sure that even if someone takes a bin to their work area for a while, they will know exactly where to put it when they are finished.


Of course, every company and even every area within a facility will have different needs when it comes to labeling bins and containers. In many cases you’ll just want to put a very brief description of what will go into the bin or on the shelf. In other situations, however, it can be more beneficial to have a label that has a full description of what is being stored.

Fortunately, LabelTac label printers can create very detailed labels with clear lettering that is easy to see and read at almost any size. Take a look at the following picture that shows shelving that has multiple lines of text to describe what should be stored on that spot. In addition, the bins also have full descriptions and even the area of the rack where they belong. This can be very helpful when working on overall improvements to the way things are organized within your facility.


While writing a lot of text in smaller print is often important, there are other times when you will want to label larger shelves with bigger text. If, for example, you want a high-low driver to be able to see what shelf location they are near, big bold text is essential.

In addition to printing clear text on small labels, you can also get a LabelTac printer that is able to print very large labels. These large custom labels are essentially used as signs to let people know what is in the area. Take a look at this picture, which has a shelf number as well as large arrows pointing up and down.


These are just a few of the many ways that industrial label printers can be used to improve the organization of your facility. Whether you are operating a warehouse with thousands of bins and containers or you just want to keep a small shelving area organized, having the ability to create custom labels can be very helpful.

Safety Labeling

Another excellent area where custom labeling can be used is for facility safety. Letting people know about risks in the area, how to stay safe and other safety related things can reduce the number of accidents that take place in almost any facility. In addition, these labels can make it easier for employees to know what types of actions they should take to either prevent safety problems or respond to them when they occur.

For example, in the image below there are two great labels that address two separate safety issues. The first one, which alerts people to watch for traffic will help to remind those who are going through the area that other people are often walking through and they need to watch out. This is especially useful near corners or intersecting hallways. The other label lets people know that they can find spare safety glasses in the lobby. This simple sign will remind people that they may need safety glasses and also where to find them.


The above examples of safety labels are fairly generic, yet can still be extremely useful in many facilities. For some areas of a facility, however, you will want to have more specific labels created to make sure people know exactly what type of safety issues are present and how to address them.

The label in the image below provides very precise information. It says at the top, “SANDING ROOM” so people know that they are approaching a room where sanding is done. Anyone working in the facility will know that the dust and other contaminants produced by a sanding machine can be very dangerous. Next, it tells people that protection is required. This particular sign says it in two languages, which can be very helpful in many facilities.

Finally, the safety sign has two pictograms on it to show people wearing both eye protection and breathing protection. This will let people know at a glance what type of personal protection equipment they need to be wearing when entering the sanding area. This type of safety sign can be printed using a high quality LabelTac label printer which can print both text and images.


Industry Standard Safety Warnings

In addition to custom safety signs, a good label printer should also be used to quickly make standard warning labels as well. The following picture has a number of labels that will be understood in almost any industry you happen to enter. These labels are in compliance with OSHA, ANSI and other regulatory agencies so you will not only be making sure your facility is safer, but also that it is in compliance.

No matter what type of facility you are running, there are always regulations and laws that you need to follow. For warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other similar places, many of these regulations come concerning labels and safety within the facility.


One final example combines the benefits of a custom label with one that uses industry standard warnings. As you can see, at the top there is the classic yellow background with black print that says caution and has the exclamation point in a black triangle. This is a standard type of label that is recognized around the world.

On the bottom portion of these labels, however, is custom lettering that provides more information about what the people in the area need to watch out for. The top one lets people know that there is a risk of tight clearance in the area and the lower one alerts people that there is a pinch point present and people need to keep their hands clear.

If this label can help prevent even one significant injury, it will be well worth the investment. Not only will it be worth it in terms of keeping people from being injured, but it will also end up saving your facility a lot of money by preventing workers compensation claims, missed work, work stoppages and many other things that can cost your facility a lot of money. Many companies don’t realize just how beneficial having the ability to print custom labels can really be to their bottom line.


Of course, you can add any text, pictograms, warnings or other things to the labels that you’re printing. Sometimes what goes on a label will be dictated by governmental agencies or other regulatory bodies. Other times it will be left to the discretion of the facility to figure out what the most effective ways to use labeling will be.

As you can see, there are many different ways that any facility can use custom labels from their LabelTac industrial label printer. Whether you use these specific examples or come up with all new ways, your facility will be better off if you have one of these important items in your facility. If you already have one, make sure you are always thinking of new and effective labeling ideas to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of having it in your facility.

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