Industrial Label Printer Reviews : Brady Powermark

Brady Powermark industrial label printer

I think the Powermark labeling machine from Brady is one of its strongest offerings in the industrial label printer category.  This thing is no handheld model–at a whopping 45 pounds, it is specifically designed as a desktop unit. In fact, as a professional-level sign printing system, its maximum printing width of 10 inches offers an inch of extra labeling width compared to our own LabelTac 9 (at a thousand dollars more, though!) giving it a lot of room for producing quality custom in-house signage and labels.

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Where this printer really shines, though, is its ability to operate either as a standalone unit, or connect to a PC for additional support.  As a standalone, the Powermark offers a full-size keyboard and a bevy of pre-loaded labeling and sign templates to choose from.  If you need more of a computer-based setup, its easy connectivity to PC-based computers will make it a favorite tool for offices, warehouses, factories, and other production facilities.

Consider the Powermark or the LabelTac 9 industrial grade label makers whenever you need to make in-house signs and labels, because their fast printing abilities, rugged construction, and affordable printing supplies will lower your bottom line and give your employees a more productive work environment.

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