Industrial Label Printers – What’s the Purpose?

Types of Industrial Label Printers

Industrial label printers serve a useful purpose to prepare various kinds of labels. Before purchasing an industrial label printer, you should be aware of its features. You should also be aware of your own job requirements. There are various types of label printers on the market. You should be able to find out the best printer for your needs. If you go through the available types of industrial label printers, you will be able to find a better label printer. Industrial label printers are useful for large companies.

Types of Printers

Industrial printers can be used for accomplishing various needs in the industry. By purchasing a right kind of industrial printer you can accomplish some or all the following activities:

  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Lab sample tracking
  • Receiving or shipping
  • Reverse logistics
  • Work in process tracking
  • Compliance labeling
  • Information labeling
  • Medical order labeling
  • Prescription labeling
  • Quality control
  • Cross docking
  • Documents and records management

You should select a label printer based on the text or graphic or barcode that you will print. Industrial label printers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. You can expect performance from these machines on 24 x 7 basis. You will be able to perform mission critical operations quite comfortably. There are printers that are equipped with state of the art RFID encoding options. These printers will let you implement advanced processes and you can expect a high level of efficiency.

Industrial Label High Speed Printers

These printers are powered by dual engines. Hence, they can work at high speeds. You can get duplex output from these machines. You can expect simplex printing two times higher than the normal speed.

Continuous Form Industrial Label Printers

These are some of the foremost industrial label printers which are based on laser technology. The advantage with these machines is that these machines are cost effective. If your business requirements fit in the continuous form, you can go for these printers.

Industrial Barcode Label Printers

Barcode label printers can be accessed very easily. One machine will be able to address most of your requirements or applications. You can use industrial barcode label printers for various applications including tagging, high-tack and labels. You can find the application of these machines in manufacturing industries, departmental stores, apparel manufacturing industries, groceries and distribution centers.

Industrial Label Form Bursters Printers

These printers are useful where automatic processing is required. You will be able to adjust the form length either manually or through electronically. Clean trims are managed as these printers can perform the sharpening activity.


Before you choose the printer, you should cross check the features and the application of the printer. The printer should be able to serve your requirements. As of now, the barcodes are used in black and white. Industrial label printers will be useful in various locations including hospitals, banks, law offices and various public utility centers. You will be able to deploy these machines for a specific purpose.

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