Industrial Labeling Systems

Safety signs, labels and other types of visual information are essential in every facility. Some of these items are required by OSHA or other regulations, and others are needed for improved efficiency and safety. The bottom line is that all facilities use these types of things, and need them to be easy to see, very durable, and customized with the exact information they need. With this in mind, facilities can either order custom labels and signs from a third party company, or get a high quality industrial labeling system to print everything in-house.

Using a third party solution can be effective when just getting started, but over time the high costs of these labels can become overwhelming. While purchasing an industrial labeling system is expensive up front, it can save money in the long run, and it is also nice to have the option to print off any label that is needed right on the spot. There is no need to design the labels, submit the request to the third party, and wait for it to arrive.

When your company is ready to make the investment into an industrial labeling system, it is important to make sure you get the right equipment, and set it up properly. Finding the perfect labeling solution for your facility can be difficult at first, but it is well worth the effort.

What Does Your Facility Need

In order to ensure you get an industrial labeling system that meets all your needs, it is important to know exactly what those are. Some things are common to all facilities, and others will be unique to yours. Look through the following items to see if your facility might need them from a industrial labeling system:

  • Labeling Material Options – Look at what type of material you want your labels to be printed on. In most industries, having labels printed on a high grade vinyl material (like this vinyl) will produce the best results. These materials are long lasting, and can be used both indoors and outside.
  • Design Options – Most labeling systems will come with some pre-configured designs or software to work with, but it is also important to ensure your system allows you to create custom labels. The design options should be easy to use, yet versatile enough to allow you to get the exact labels you need.
  • Cost Per Label – Different labeling systems will have very different costs per label prices. Looking for one that meets your needs, yet keeps the costs down is very important.

What Will You Be Labeling

Another thing to look at is what types of labels you’ll be using. Looking around the facility to see what needs labels and signs today, as well as what types of labels you’ll need in the future can help you to decide which industrial labeling system you need. Here are some of the more common areas where facilities require high quality labels:

  • Safety Signs – Printable safety signs are a great way to improve facility safety quickly and easily.
  • Pipe Marking – Labeling pipes requires high quality labels with very specific information on them.
  • 5S Standards – If your facility is operating under the 5S standards, you’ll need to have the right labels and signs throughout your facility.
  • Lean Methodology – As more and more facilities are beginning to use the lean methodologies, labels are becoming even more important than ever for providing the right information in the right way.
  • Warehouse Marking – Staying organized in a warehouse is absolutely essential. Quality labels can help ensure everything is always stored where it belongs, and is easy to find.
  • Arc Flash – In facilities where an arc flash may occur, it is important to have signage and labels that alert people to the potential danger, and let them know to wear eye protection and other necessary personal protection equipment. Here is OSHA’s recommendation for arch flash labeling.
  • General Safety Equipment – Most facilities have different areas that require different types of personal protection equipment. Creating signs for each area that shows what equipment is required can make it very easy to keep everyone safe.

Creating the Perfect Industrial Labeling System Environment

Once you’ve identified what type of industrial labeling system you want, you’ll need to figure out where it will be located, and how it will be used. Creating the right labeling environment will help ensure the equipment stays in proper working order, and everyone is able to take advantage of the convenience of having this type of system right on site.

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is where the labeling system will be located. In most facilities, it should be put in a room on its own, so it is not exposed to the dirt and other contaminants that are found in most facilities. These types of things can get into the system, causing a variety of problems. Many facilities will place this system in an empty office, or add it to a conference room if space is limited. The specific location will depend largely on how much space you have available, and the size of the specific system you choose.

Once the location of the labeling system is chosen, you’ll have to take steps to ensure it is used properly and kept in good working order. Simple rules like making sure everyone washes their hands before using it can go a long way. Of course, providing training on how to use the system will also be helpful. Another option to consider is having only a small group of people with access to the labeling system, and require all others to put their requests for labels in through them.

Industrial Labeling Systems and Maximizing Benefits

Each facility will have to come up with their own standards and procedures for using their industrial labeling system. The important thing is to make sure it is used properly to create the right labels for the right things throughout the facility. Most facilities that decide to get this type of system quickly find that they are able to enjoy many benefits right away, as well as keep the facility labeling looking nice for years to come. Whatever labeling system your facility goes with, you’re sure enjoy the convenience and cost savings.

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