Introducing the Winner of the Summer Scholarship Award 2023

We’re excited to announce that Benton Hoskison has won the 2023 Summer Scholarship offered by Creative Safety Supply. Our scholarship program provides students an opportunity to pursue their educational goals. We were impressed by the hundreds of essays and applications we received, and we enjoyed reading so many unique stories.

Here is Benton’s essay:

The piercing sound of my alarm clock shatters the tranquility of the early morning as it blared at 5:30 a.m. Reluctantly, I roll out of bed, knowing that another exciting day at the Performance Course awaits me. I must arrive at the field by 6:30 a.m. to ensure everything is in place for the students who will soon be streaming in.

My journey in athletics and fitness not only transformed my own life but also inspired me to make a positive impact on others. I was fortunate to receive guidance from dedicated mentors and acquire knowledge in health sciences, personal training, and nutrition. With these experiences, I aim to open a gym focused on strength training, establish fitness camps for young athletes, and provide one-on-one coaching. Furthermore, by pursuing a degree in Business Management at Texas Wesleyan University, I am equipping myself with the necessary skills to grow my business successfully by empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals, promoting overall wellness, and giving back to my community.

Since discovering my passion for personal fitness and wellness, I have been driven to help others on their journeys. Witnessing the positive impact that Coach Coleman, my dedicated trainer, had on my athletic performance and overall well-being, I realized the importance of sharing this knowledge. To deepen my understanding of the human body and its functions, I pursued advanced courses in Health Sciences during high school. Subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Health Sciences, and Physiology and Anatomy provided me with valuable insights into the intricacies of the human body. This coursework laid a solid foundation for my fitness journey, enabling me to apply my knowledge effectively in designing training programs and preventing injuries.

Complementing academic pursuits, I sought additional learning opportunities outside the classroom. Working with personal trainers and undertaking independent study programs, I obtained certifications as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. These certifications enhanced my ability to create tailored fitness plans for injury prevention and muscle stability.

As I pursued my coaching business, I recognized the need to acquire marketing skills to expand my clientele and reach a wider audience. Understanding the significance of effective marketing, I enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University to pursue a degree in Business Management. By immersing myself in practical marketing, business development, law, and ethics courses, I aim to gain the necessary expertise to grow my fitness business successfully. My ultimate goal is to positively impact my community by offering free nutrition classes at the local Boys and Girls Club. Educating individuals about healthy eating habits and fitness will empower them to make positive choices and lead healthier lives. I aspire to utilize my experiences in college recruitment to assist future athletes, share my insights, and support them in their athletic and educational journeys.

Creative thinking and problem-solving have been essential in helping me accomplish both my academic and personal goals. Here are a few examples of how I have utilized these skills:

While pursuing my degree in Business Management, I faced a challenging project to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for a fictional company. I researched innovative marketing techniques, explored emerging trends, and incorporated unique ideas to make the process stand out. I received positive feedback from my professors.

“One notable instance where creative thinking and problem-solving played a crucial role was during a challenging project in my Business Management degree program. The task was to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for a fictional company. Faced with this complex undertaking, I immersed myself in extensive research, exploring innovative marketing techniques and analyzing emerging trends. I incorporated unique ideas and strategies that resonate with the target audience to make my approach stand out. For instance, I devised a creative social media campaign that involved interactive quizzes and contests to engage potential customers. Additionally, I sought feedback from industry experts and refined my strategy based on their insights. The result was a well-received marketing plan that impressed my professors and peers, earning me commendation for my creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.”

When faced with time constraints due to my part-time jobs and coaching responsibilities, I needed help managing my schedule effectively. I employed problem-solving techniques to find solutions. I analyzed my commitments, identified areas where I could manage tasks, and implemented time management strategies. By thinking creatively and finding practical solutions, I balanced my responsibilities, allocated time for studying, and progressed toward my personal goals.

Another instance where creative thinking and problem-solving played a pivotal role was in pursuing my personal goal of organizing a charity fitness event. I faced the challenge of limited resources and a tight budget, which made it difficult to execute the event successfully. However, I employed innovative problem-solving techniques to overcome these obstacles. Instead of renting an expensive venue, I contacted local parks and secured an accessible outdoor space for the event. To maximize participation, I used creative marketing strategies such as partnering with local businesses to sponsor the event and leveraging social media platforms to spread the word. Additionally, I tapped into my network of fitness professionals and secured volunteer trainers to lead the event’s workouts, reducing costs significantly. As a result of my creative thinking and problem-solving efforts, the charity fitness event exceeded expectations in terms of attendance and funds raised and garnered positive media coverage, generating further awareness for the cause.

In a challenging research project, I encountered a roadblock when the data I needed was not readily available. Instead of giving up or settling for inadequate information, I used creative thinking to find alternative sources and approaches. I explored different databases, reached out to experts in the field, and even conducted surveys to gather the necessary data. Through

persistent problem-solving and creative thinking, I overcame obstacles and completed a comprehensive and well-researched project.

As I aimed to expand my fitness coaching business, I faced the challenge of limited resources for marketing and reaching a wider audience. Creative thinking plays a vital role in finding cost-effective solutions. I explored social media platforms and leveraged their reach to promote my services. I also collaborated with local businesses and organizations to host fitness events and workshops, expanding my network and attracting new clients. By thinking creatively and finding innovative ways to market my services, I expanded my clientele and achieved my personal goals.

In academic and personal endeavors, creative thinking and problem-solving have been instrumental in overcoming challenges, finding innovative solutions, and achieving success. These skills have helped me accomplish specific goals and fostered a mindset of resilience, adaptability, and continuous growth.

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