Kaizen – An Organizations Journey towards Perfection

Quality and productivity in an ideal situation should always go hand in hand. However, where there is a pressure to perform they are always pitted against each other. Business managers are always under a lot of pressure to hit targets and increase their output; this has a resultant effect of compromised productivity. Customers, due to low prices may not complain but this situation prevails as long as there are restrictions on the entrance of other players into the market. Competition breeds innovation and innovation brings forth perfection and customer satisfaction. Kaizen focuses on constant change aimed an achieving improvement and perfection.

Reduction of waste

Every organization is prone to wastage and this is what hinders the achievement of its real potential. There are ten of organizational philosophies dedicated to waste reduction and kaizen seeks to achieve similar objectives. It should be every organization’s general objective to eliminate, at every opportunity, excesses and wastes characterizing it business processes. All the existing processes have to be shaken up, constantly tested and thoroughly challenged to ensure they are efficient.

Focus on the employee

Kaizen heavily focuses on the employee in the belief that he or she is the basic element in the journey to perfection. Employees’ happiness is paramount and it is up to the management to ensure they are properly motivated to ensure increased productivity. There is also the need for teamwork which is basically the need to inculcate and achieve synergy. All the employees should work as a team towards achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. Synergy emanates from a union of purpose and is key to eliminating negativities.

Strong personal traits

An organization brings together different individuals and at the base of these individuals are personalities and personal traits. For the journey towards improvement to be achieved the individuals must have the right attitude and personas. They should have a strong believe in themselves so that they can transfer the same believe to the company. With unison, they should all be made to be part of the philosophy of success and all their energies should focus on this. Stagnation and negative energies within an organization are usually seen as products of low self esteem and lack of personal discipline. Kaizen emphasizes on strong personalities as being the building block of a strong company.

Constant improvement

The existing systems and processes have to be constantly reviewed to assess their appropriateness and effectiveness. The employees are the most important elements in this. Being the key stakeholders, they have the firsthand experience with the existing processes and can give essential tips on the general weaknesses and how wastage can be eliminated. The management should hence utilize the assistance of the employees in detecting problems and also in devising solutions to the defects. Kaizen is a journey towards excellence and this can only be achieved through constant updating and upgrading of the existing systems. The focus in this case is not on productivity only but rather is on a broad spectrum of all the elements that results to customer satisfaction.

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