Label Maker Reviews : Brother (PT-65) P-Touch Labeling System

When I look around the internet for reviews of competing brands of label makers, I can’t help but be constantly reminded of the Brother company.  They are one of the industry standard brands for consumer-level labeling machines.

Their PT-65 model is another home/hobby variety of labeling machine, and I don’t think it’s in the same category with our LabelTac industrial label printers, so I can write about it without too much bias. It can be found in the Staples labeler department, on Amazon, or at Office Depot.


(DISCLAIMER: our company sells labeling systems that are meant to be used by serious professionals.  These machines can create thermal labels up to 4 or 9.5 inches in width and the labels are designed to endure rough environments for years).

So, the Brother P-touch is a cute little labeler that is great for organizing the belongings in your closet or garage, or you could probably use it for making scrapbooking labels.  The max widths are 9 or 12 mm for the labels.  9 or 12 mm?  Wow, that is a little label!  We have a printer that can print on labeling material up to 9.5 inches in width!  That’s not a label–that’s a SIGN!  Of course, that printer isn’t as portable as this Brother PT-65.

The Brother P-touch runs on 6 AA batteries.  I read some of the reviews at Amazon and CNET, and most of them were very good.  I tend to be more attracted to reading the negative reviews, though, and the only problems that most people had was that the batteries run out quickly, and the machine spits out a bit too much tape per label.  The one reviewer mentioned that this seemed to be on purpose so customers would have to keep buying label tape supplies.

I realize that comparing this label maker to one of our industrial machines is like comparing apples to Howitzers, but I would be remiss as a businessperson to not give a plug for our LabelTacs–they are for serious professional-level  labeling.

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