Label Printer Reviews: Brady BMP21

My business turns around visual safety supplies, and one of the most important ones for appropriate implementation–whether it be for extensive programs: 5S and lean, to the mundane: arc flash, pipe marking, and bumper stickers (for marketing), is the professional grade label printer.  And, by professional, it has to be a thermal label printer.  Why a thermal transfer labeling machine?  Because they give you the most durable environmental-resistant labels, that’s why.

Last week, I reviewed the LabelTac 4, and this week I will be focusing my brain matter on the Brady BMP 21 label maker.

The Brady BMP21 is a great handheld printer that is perfect for folks in the field–Brady suggests it’s great for “voice/datacomm, electrical and general industrial crews”


This is why I’ve been trying to review some of the labelers out there. Not all label printers are created equally.  Some have cheap-o components, some don’t produce professional, industrial quality labels, some are meant for specific purposes, and some just aren’t fast enough or affordable enough.

This little guy works well, but it only prints labels up to 3/4,” so if you’re looking for something that can print an arc flash label or a pipe marker, you’re out of luck. Best to go with the LabelTac or a larger Brady printer.

As far as its ability to outproduce labels against something like a Brother PT-65, it’s so far advanced and better equipped for the task.  Unlike that Brother P-touch model, this isn’t for home use–unless you need durable, heavy-duty labels meant for UV, water, and chemical-resistance.

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