Label Printer Reviews : LabelTac 4 Bumper Sticker Maker (Plus Other Labels)


LabelTac brand label printer and bumper sticker maker.

One thing that industrial level labeling machines excel at is something that is decidedly NOT industrial in nature – making bumper stickers. Now, don’t get me wrong, a bumper sticker can be a great tool for your business–for marketing to outside vendors and consumers, for inner safety and promotional efforts with employees, or even as a product for resale. The amount of money in initial investment in a really good one thermal label printer, like the LabelTac 4, ends up being a moot point once you see what one of these babies can do.

Although they are primarily sold for manufacturing and warehouse for pipe marking, arc flash, and safety applications, the label tape used in these machines is superior for bumper stickers on trucks, cars, forklifts, and even large equipment.

In fact, the professional level results that you get from a LabelTac 4 rivals any bumper stickers you could buy online, because you can make your own at much lower costs, and these are thermal-transfer labels–meaning that the end-product will be UV resistant, as well as resilient to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

A few months back, we received a request for a pink “I love Justin Bieber” bumper sticker for some of our troops in Iraq. Apparently, some of those guys wanted to slap this bumper sticker on one of their rival heavy equipment operators’ vehicle. Enjoy the photo. They loved it–but I’m not sure if the OTHER guys liked it or not.

Either way, this makes a good conversation piece, and demonstrates to potential customers that, after you’re done making your pipe marking or arc flash labels, these label makers can create custom bumper stickers, too! The LabelTac 4 is a professional quality labeling system, and it will hold up to any of your jobs. For technical specs, feel free to visit the LabelTac page.

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