Labeling Tangled Cables

We’ve all seen it before, large amounts of disorganized cables. Messy and tangled cables not only look chaotic but also make maneuvering, understanding, and replacing cables extremely cumbersome.  Whether tangled cables are located within a small cubicle area or in the back room of an IT department, they not only look visually displeasing, but may also pose fire hazards among other risks. A clean and organized set of cables will not only run smoother, but also help to prevent premature hardware failures in the future.

Tips for Labeling Cables

Labeling cables can be a time consuming activity, but the benefits of a well-labeled set of cables far outweighs the mess of a tangled clump of cables. Here are some tips to help make the organization and labeling of cables easier and more beneficial.

  • Label all Cables: I will say it again, LABEL ALL CABLES. This is the first step in organizing an abundance of cables. When cables are labeled they are easy to identify, repair, replace, and inspect. Unlabeled cables can take hours to navigate when a problem arises, then once the problem is solved and another problem arises a few months later there will be more wasted hours trying to find the next cable. Color coding can also help to create a more visual labeling system for quick identification. Just label everything, you won’t regret it.
  • Mount Ports Can Help: Bundled anchor points can help take the pressure and stress off of the cable ends that plug into electricity or equipment. Cables are notorious for unplugging randomly when there is too much pressure or pull, and mount ports help to disperse the weight of the cables evenly while also taking the stress off of the ends. The mounts will also help to separate different types of cable or different sets of cable groupings.
  • Length of Cable: Believe it or not, but the length of the cables really does make a difference. When cables are too long, the extra slack just sits around taking up space, causing tangles, and even may begin to cause potential trip hazards. It is best to go shorter with cables when possible or to even create or order custom length cables to provide the best fit possible.
  • Velcro is your Friend: Yes, Velcro is a much-needed tool when it comes to the organization and labeling of cables. Velcro straps can bundle cables efficiently to create labeled groupings. Furthermore, Velcro is easy to put-on, take-off, and adjusts with ease if needed.

Make Cable Organization a Reality

When it comes to cable labeling, there are many different tactics and techniques that can help make the job of labeling more efficient. One of the most important factors to take into consideration is to organize cables in a way that makes sense to the environment and the cables usage. If certain cables are used or tinkered with frequently, don’t bundle them up in a way that causes more hindrance than help. If applicable, pre-planning of cable placement can also be helpful to ensure the most beneficial labeling system for everyone.

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