Labels that Last when Attached to Wet Surfaces

Vinyl Labels to the Rescue

When you are working in a manufacturing or warehouse facility, you will likely see labels used throughout the area. Whether on chemical containers, machines, electrical systems or anything else, a label is a great way to quickly provide information to everyone working in the area.

In most environments, just about any high quality industrial label will last for years without a problem. As long as you keep it clean, people will be able to easily read the label and benefit from the information. In some cases, however, labels are needed in more extreme conditions.

One of the most difficult areas to have a label stick and last for a long time is on wet surfaces. Whether at an ocean port warehouse or even a factory in an extremely humid area, labels tend to get saturated and come off after a very short period of time. Fortunately, there are certain labels that work well when used around, or even under water.

Why Water Ruins Labels

If you put labels up in an area that frequently gets wet, you will quickly find that the labels start to peel away from the surface. There are a number of factors that contribute to this. The first, and perhaps most important, is that as the adhesive gets wet, it can get washed away. This starts at the edges, but will continue until it falls off.

In addition, when adhesives get wet, then dry, then wet again over and over again, they will typically become less and less effective. Of course, many labels today are just made from a heavy duty paper, or even a plastic like material. While these are fine for normal use, they won’t stand up to getting wet very well.

Vinyl Labels and Wet Surfaces

When you’re looking for a way to use labels in wet areas, you will first want to consider the material that the label is made of. One material that is used specifically because it can hold up to water so well is vinyl. Vinyl labeling is water proof, so rain or other water sources can splash onto the label, and it will not become damaged.

In addition to just keeping the label itself in good condition, the vinyl provides protection to the adhesive so that it doesn’t wear out either. This means that one vinyl label can last ten years or more, even when it is frequently exposed to water.

Types of Vinyl Label Stock


High Performance 10 Year Vinyl

In addition to being extremely effective, one thing that many people like about vinyl labeling is that it is easy to use and affordable. You can get a roll of high performance vinyl label stock from LabelTac delivered right to your business very quickly. The LT4 and LT4-Pro labels come with a full ten year warranty to help ensure your labels will last.

In addition, a LabelTac label can come in 17 different colors, so you can be sure that you are able to get the exact color that you need. Of course, this label stock will work in any of the high quality LabelTac industrial label printers, so you can have the convenience of creating easy to read labels right in your own facility.

Uses for Vinyl Labels

There are many situations where you need to have a label on something that will get wet. When this is the case, make sure you use vinyl ones. The following are just a few of the many situations where you may be labeling an item that you know will be getting wet in the future.

  • Shipping Containers – Whether it is a barrel, a bottle or an oversized shipping container, they are all often transported on open trucks or even ships. This means they will get quite wet on a regular basis. When you need to label these containers, always use a vinyl label.
  • Outdoor Signs – Whether placing a sign over your facility door or labeling outdoor storage areas, vinyl labels will provide you the long lasting labeling you need.
  • Pipes – Many pipes, whether they are inside or outside, are in areas where they frequently get wet. In order to make sure everyone knows what is traveling through the pipes, always use a good vinyl label.
  • Submerged Items – Some things need to be placed underwater for a time, and even they need to be labeled. This could be a small container or some type of shipping items. Whatever the case, a vinyl label will stay securely in place, even underwater.
  • Labeling Vehicles – Many facilities need to label their trucks or other vehicles. In order to ensure you don’t constantly have to replace the label, use a vinyl option the first time.

Naturally, there will be many other things you can do with vinyl labeling. Each facility will have their own list of places where they want to use vinyl labels instead of other types. Just take some time to go through the facility and identify any areas where the labels may get wet, and make sure you always opt for the vinyl labels.


Printing Vinyl Labels

A LabelTac industrial printer is a helpful tool to print high quality, long lasting vinyl labels right in house. The LabelTac printers are compatible with any computer and works well with various software programs such as, Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. When the need comes to print vinyl labels for a wet environment the LabelTac family of printers can provide you with high quality printed weatherproof labels.

Applying Vinyl Labels

While vinyl labels can get wet, you want to make sure you apply them to a dry surface. To the extent possible, dry off the area where you want to place the label and then stick it on nice and evenly. Once in place, press firmly all over the label to ensure it is sticking properly.

For larger labels, you will want to start from one end and hold it at an angle to the surface where it is being applied. As you move along, keep pressing down on the label so it is stuck on as flat an area as you can find.

No matter if you work in a facility by the ocean or you manage a car wash, you will need to make sure the labels you use can stand up to water. That being the case, you should always choose a durable, attractive, waterproof vinyl label. It will provide you with the long lasting labeling that you need.

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