All around the country, lean manufacturing has established itself as a “go-to” production system, whether it’s in factories in Houston and Dallas, or in a smaller Maryland shop.

I am constantly talking to people in various states (and even other countries), and one of the biggest topics they ask us about is “What is the BEST lean training?”

I cannot answer that definitively.  It is such a broad subject, but I can say that folks who want to know anything need to find quality educational material.  This is usually in book form (although I will also give some suggestions on some videos for solid training and understanding).


Read Up

For example, if you’re wanting to know more about lean manufacturing, you might want to read about from which it is derived: The Toyota Production System of manufacturing.

I think a great book to read on this is Jeffrey Liker’s “The Toyota Way : 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer.”

Another great book on lean manufacturing is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road.”

Without good reading material, the trek into understanding this management system can be easily diluted.  Look for case studies in your particular area of production.  Ask colleagues you respect and trust for their advice.

Try and convince your management about investing in a consultation or twelve.

Start researching 5S, kaizen, JIT, and other “tools” in the lean toolbox.  Just remember, this is a form of thinking, not just a “Swiss Army knife” of handy little tools.

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