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I like Tim McMahon.  I mean, we’ve never met, but his blog and writing style is loose and informative at the same time.  He’s a thoughtful and hard-working guy.  I’d guess.

Right now, Tim has a series of posts he returns to every week called “Daily Lean Tips,” and he gives a few ideas of things to keep in mind when you’re implementing or sustaining your lean program.

There was one particular tip he included this week that got me thinking:

Lean Tip #544 – Productivity Tip: Identify your high-payoff items.

Make sure that you concentrate on the right tasks, which will generate results for you and your company. Stephen Covey suggests first addressing tasks that are both Important and Urgent. Effective time management is not about being busy, but about getting results.

This one is VERY important.  Lean is about efficiency, waste reduction, and adding value.  If you can’t identify what is adding value and what is wasteful to your time, efforts, and resources, you’re not heading in a lean direction.

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Lean is about constantly assessing and analyzing the situation and seeing what is working and what isn’t.  It’s about eliminating what isn’t working, and prioritizing those things that are working.

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