Could You be Losing $500 in Tools Each Year?

Foam Tool Organizer ToolboxFor many businesses, it is not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars per year on the tools that are needed to get work done. Whether you run a mechanics garage, a construction company, a plumbing service, or any number of other things, the right tools are an absolutely essential part of doing business.

Most people who own these types of businesses understand that it is sometimes necessary to replace tools that get damaged, worn out, or even lost. What many don’t realize, however, is that depending on the size and type of business being run, they might be losing $500 or more in tools unnecessarily!

How can You Avoid Losing Money in Tools?

If your business uses tools on a regular basis, you will need to budget in a certain amount of money each year to replace tools that wear out. If you don’t have your tools properly cared for and organized, however, you may be spending far more money each year than is strictly necessary. Here are just a few of the many reasons why tools need to be unnecessarily replaced:

  • Left at a Job Site – If an employee brings a box of tools to a job site, how often do they leave one behind? Depending on the job, they may use a dozen or more different tools, so it is not difficult to see how they could overlook packing one of them back up!
  • Employee Theft – While nobody wants to think that they can’t trust their employees, many businesses lose a huge amount of money to this type of theft each year. If an employee thinks they can get away with bringing even just one simple tool home without getting caught, they may be very tempted.
  • Damaged Tools – Tools will all eventually wear out, but with proper care, they typically can last for many years. When people are just tossing them into a bin or toolbox without much thought, however, they can quickly get damaged. Whether it is from getting bumped around, or being exposed to excessive dust, debris, and other items, storing and moving tools properly is critical.

These are just a few of the many reasons that businesses need to replace tools far more often than should strictly be necessary. But what is the solution? The great thing about this is that there are a few simple, and very affordable ways to dramatically cut down on tool loss for your business.

Foam Tool Organizers

Foam OrganizerOne of the simplest and most affordable solutions to this problem is to use foam tool organizers. These organizers can be purchased with pre-cut out openings designed to fit the most common types of tools, including screw drivers, hammers, drills & bits, wrenches, ratchets, pliers, and much more.

The foam organizers can be purchased to fit directly into toolboxes or other storage areas so they can be brought to any job site. By having a specific place for each tool to go, it is very easy to ensure each one is there before leaving the job site.

Keeping tools in a foam organizer will also protect them from being damaged if dropped, bumped, or moved around. The foam organizer can even keep most dirt and other potentially harmful items away from the tools so they last much longer than would otherwise be possible.

Having tools kept in organizers like this also makes it much more obvious when one is missing. This can significantly reduce the risk that an employee will try to steal the tools since they will be more likely to get caught sine the tool would be noticed as missing right away.

Custom Foam Organizers

Foam Hot KnifeIf you have tools that might not fit into a pre-cut foam organizer, you can make your own. Purchasing uncut foam is extremely affordable, and then you can trace out the outline of the tool you need stored, and cut the foam so that it fits perfectly. Using a hot knife makes it really easy to cut out the foam with precision so the custom-made organizer looks professionally done, and will last for years.

Surprising Cost Savings

Whether you run a business or just use a lot of tools at home, using foam tool organizers can save you a surprising amount of money each year. Many people who have used these organizers with large numbers of tools report saving $500 per year, or more because their tools aren’t lost or damaged nearly as often.

With the foam organizers costing so little, and offering such significant cost-saving possibilities, they are really an obvious option for any business that uses tools on a regular basis.

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