Main Types of Safety Signs That Every Organization Must Have

The law clearly outlines the need for an organization to have detailed plan to ensure the safety of all persons within an organization. According to the regulations, clear signs should be employed in areas felt to be of higher health and safety risks. The main importance of the Industrial Floor Signs for example is to warn of potential hazards, remind people of the need to be cautious by maybe wearing protective clothing or to give guidance and instructions to be followed in cases of an emergency. The organizations are further mandated to ensure that the staff obtain a grasp of the intended purpose of each sign and that they are strictly adhered to it.

Danger signs

Every organization should clearly map out the high hazard areas and issue the relevant danger signs to mitigate the occurrence of accidents. These signs should be used in all areas rated to produce or contain life threatening materials or chemicals or those areas that can cause grievous body harm.

Prohibitory signs

It is up to the organization to outline the list of behaviors that are not permissible within an organization either for common good of all or for the maintenance of the standards set out by the organization policies. Loud talking and hooting within a hospital or an educational facility is prohibited. Most organizations have no-smoking signs or labels. The act prohibited may not have direct impact on the safety of the individual involved but it may cause disruptions.

Warning signs

Closely related to the prohibition signs in that defiance may not result to adverse health or physical effects, warning signs are meant to ensure the welfare of both the perpetrator and that of the organization. They warn of the behaviors that will not be tolerated and of the areas that are restricted. They might also warn of impending dangers such as from falling objects or loose tools that can cause harm. These are things that have been taken care of and are general in nature. For example, the electric wires may be sealed but there will be a warning sign urging caution. Tools maybe safely put in a foam tool box organizer but there will be signs warning you of the possibility of encountering loose tools.

Traffic signs

These are signs that are used in places where there is a road system. A stop safety sign may be used to urge motorists to stop once they get to that particular area; a “Wrong Way” wall sign will alert people that they’re going the wrong direction. These signs are designed to protect both the pedestrians and the motorists.

Dangerous goods signs

Most of the dangerous goods signs are likely to be found in storage or transportation facilities. It is mandatory for any store containing harmful materials or any truck transporting hazardous goods to clearly warn of the nature of the goods carried to warn any potential intruder of the dangers involved.

Emergency signs

It is the responsibility of the organization to erect enough signs with clear instructions of steps to follow during emergencies. This may be in cases of fire, accidents or blasts.

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