Marine Pipe Marking Standards, Labels and Tape

Industrial Marine marking tape Instructions

Marine shipPipes must be marked in the following manner:

• At least once in every room
• At each point where the pipes pass through a wall, a ceiling or floor
• Close to each valve
• Within a distance of 3 to 5 meters, depending on the length of the pipe, unless more are needed due to pipe bends or proximity to other pipes
• Bundled pipes should be labeled individually
• For pipes 200mm in diameter or less, the label should take up the entire circumference of the pipe
• For pipes greater than 200mm in diameter, the label should take up about half of the circumference of the pipe
• Use arrows to indicate direction of the flow (pipes with flow in opposite directions at different times may be marked with arrows pointing in opposite directions)
• Text can be used in addition to color to signify the content • Color stripes should be placed perpendicular to the pipe axis

Best Label Printer and Tape option:

Marine Pipe Marking Standards have main colors (defined by ISO 14726) to indicate groups of similar substances. Additional color bars (defined by ISO/DIS 14726-2) are added to indicate specific substances. The additional color should be surrounded by the main color and have a width smaller than that of the main color.


Marine Color Specifications to meet compliance:


Marine piping color coding

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