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I was reading a business article by Paul McDougall at Information Week, and he was offering some info on the upcoming Windows 8, which got me to thinking about how little anybody actually writes or considers Microsoft nowadays.

Years ago, you couldn’t turn on the TV or read an online news article about how Bill Gates was the devil, or that Microsoft was going to enslave everyone (I’m kidding, slightly).

It seems that the media, and concerned watchdog-type people love to point the finger at the top dogs of an industry, like Walmart, even when comparable companies, like Target, are no more ethical or good to their employees.

Same goes for the computer industry.  Microsoft, in its day, was a top dog, and everyone liked to point the finger at them, even though a similar company, like Apple, was not much more ethical or altruistic.

Ten years ago, Microsoft once seemed as if it was poised to dominate the world.  After battling a multitude of fronts, namely, competition from the likes of Apple, Google, and other up-and-coming competitors in different angles of the computer world, and a string of anti-trust and monopoly charges, it seemed as if Microsoft had succumbed and ran off to lick its wounds.

Now, with a rise in presale orders for the soon-to-be-released Windows 8, and a new Xbox console on its way, I’m thinking we might see Microsoft start to rise in the ranks once again.

Read McDougall’s article here =>

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