Mobile Safety Training Management

Key Benefits Related to Mobile Safety Training

In today’s high-tech world it is important to make sure you take advantage of all the latest advancements to improve the way your business runs. In places like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites and other potentially dangerous jobs, there are many improvements that can be made by using different technologies.

One of the biggest trends, both in traditional computing markets and in facility improvements, is mobile technologies. When looking for ways to improve your facility, mobile safety training can be one of the most effective options you have available. Using mobile technologies can help in virtually every aspect of safety improvement and safety training. Review the following key benefits that mobile technologies can bring to your facility.

Bringing Training Presentations with You

Many companies today have very large facilities, or areas where people work that aren’t located near the main offices. This is especially common for construction sites and other situations where work may move around based on the job.

This can make safety training difficult because it will require employees to either come to a central location, or you will have to bring the training to them. Using mobile technologies, it is extremely simple to bring any type of training directly to the job site so it can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Most tablet computers or laptops can provide all the tools that are needed for mobile safety training. The following are just a few of the many ways you can provide training directly from these mobile devices:

  • Computer Based Training – If you’re using any type of computer based training, you can have one or more laptops or tablets brought to the jobsite. Each employee can then access the training directly and complete it right away.
  • Presentations – Most mobile devices can be hooked up to a television or projector to allow a presentation to be given.
  • Mobile Notes – Presenters or other people who facilitate the training can bring all their notes and talking points with them to each jobsite for easy access. They can also take notes on questions or concerns that the employees bring up during the training.
  • Configurable – You can set up the training to look, sound and interact just how you want it. There are many different options when it comes to making training presentations on mobile devices. When done properly, the training can be customized specifically for your business.

Of course, mobile computers can help in many other ways as well. They are obviously much easier to bring with you from location to location so you don’t have to go through the hassle of configuring a computer at each site. This convenience can make safety training management much easier.

Digitally Track all Training

In addition to providing improvements on how training is done, mobile devices can also help to track the training that each employee has had. There are many options on how this can be done. One great possibility is to enter each employee into a training data base, and associate all their required training to them.

Many mobile tablet computers today have the ability to scan bar codes or QR codes, which can be placed on the employee’s ID badges. Simply scan the badge and it can automatically list which training they have taken, and what they still need.

This is great for providing Just-in-Time training to all employees. Without the mobile safety training management system in place, it would be much more difficult to identify any training needs for each employee and make sure they are addressed.

Of course, when necessary you can also print off the reports and other information so that you can use it that way as well. Having all the training details tracked digitally really gives you the most flexibility and the easiest access possible, which can help to improve the overall training and safety in your facility.

Remote Communication

Keeping the leadership teams out in the field in touch with the safety and training managers can be very difficult. Having mobile devices deployed can make this task much easier. Even if the leadership team out in the field is frequently traveling in areas where there is no internet access, the updates and information can be accessed whenever they get to a place with proper connection.

The training or safety manager can send out the updates via email or other technologies, so that they can be seen and acted on at a time that is convenient. This is much easier than attempting to set up conference calls that must occur at a set time.

In almost all cases, those working remotely will appreciate the added flexibility that this allows. In addition, the company will benefit from the fact that it can help ensure everyone does get the safety training that they require in a timely manner, without requiring any significant work interruptions.

Perfect for Audits

Whether you are performing an internal safety audit, or you have OSHA or another safety organization auditing your facility, mobile devices are extremely helpful. When you have all your equipment, employees and other assets registered in one of these devices, it is extremely easy to go through and complete any audit.

The following are some great ways you can use your mobile devices during an audit:

  • Don’t Miss Anything – When you have every item that needs to be inspected on a digital checklist, you can be confident that nothing will be overlooked.
  • Track Improvement Items – When you find something that needs improvement, you can make a ‘to-do’ item on your tablet so that it can be tracked until it is completed. For example, if you find that there are missing safety labels on certain containers, you can make a reminder to use your industrial label printer to create the necessary labels.
  • Track Training Needs – When you find an area where employees need additional training, you can add it to your mobile safety training management system to make sure it is done, and done properly.
  • Tracking Trends – Perhaps the most important benefit of using these mobile devices is that it makes it much easier to track trends. You can compare entries over a long period of time to see how different areas are improving, or what types of problems persist in the facility.

Having access to a tablet or other mobile device will make it much easier for everyone in the facility. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, it can help get the audit or other inspection done much more quickly so everyone can get back to working normally again.

Implementing Mobile Safety Training Management

Mobile Safety Training ManagementWhile there are obviously many benefits to using mobile safety training management techniques, it can be intimidating for many people. This is especially true if they aren’t used to mobile technologies or technology in general.

Most people find, however, that once they give it a try it is much easier and more helpful than they would have ever expected. There are many great mobile apps and other resources available today that can make the entire experience quite simple and intuitive. With that in mind, why not take the first step toward implementing a mobile safety training system today.

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