MythBusters Set to Judge the US Dept. of Labor’s “Workplace Safety and Health Challenge”

In a bid to start proactively making workplaces across the country safer, the United States Department of Labor issued a Workplace Safety and Health Challenge in which anyone with “a little tech savvy and creativity” is encouraged to design a tool that helps young people realize what their rights are in the working world.

The field is mainly open:  whether you design a tool for smartphones, internet browsers, social media, or as computer applications, submissions need only meet two main objectives, namely:

  • Demonstrate the importance of knowing about workplace safety and health hazards
  • Help workers understand their rights in the workplace

The coolest thing about this challenge is its panel of judges, which includes not only the Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, but also Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of “Myth Busters” fame.

Oh, and the winners of each of the four categories receive cash prizes.

Interested in entering?  Here is more info.

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