National Electrical Safety Month 2020: Electrical Safety Wherever You Work

Worker checking electrical wires

 Each May the Electrical Safety Foundation International (EFSI) commemorates National Electrical Safety Month with a campaign to educate people about reducing the number of electrically related fires, fatalities, injuries, and property loss.

On average, there are approximately 2,000 non-fatal electrical injuries at work each year, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With an unprecedented number of people are clocking in remotely during the COVID-18 outbreak, ESFI is focusing their 2020 campaign on practicing electrical safety while working from home.

“Transitioning from working in an office to now working from home may present new electrical safety concerns in your home that have not existed before,” said ESFI President Brett Brenner. Wherever you are working, it’s always important to be safe.

Working From Home Safely

Did you know the average American home was built in 1977? Because many homes can’t handle the demands of today’s electrical devices and appliances, make sure you are keeping your home safe from electrical hazards. ESFI illustrated the warning signs of an overloaded electrical system, as well as how to avoid an overloaded system. One way you can avoid overloading circuits is by labeling your circuit breakers to better understand the different circuits in your home.

EFSI also recently published the infographic “Electrical Safety While Working From Home” highlighting potential hazards and how to prevent them. Now is the perfect time to look around your house to see what steps you can take to protect your home! Check for any damaged wires, make sure cords aren’t a tripping hazard, and avoid overloading outlets.

Other resources promoting electrical safety at home includes an infographic discussing electrical cord safety tips, an infographic illustrating how to renovate your home to meet 2020 NEC code requirements, videos on smart home safety, and much more! Explore the complete collection of National Electrical Safety Month resources and information on staying safe wherever you work at

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