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If you are reading this, you are undoubtedly aware of just how important it is to have an industrial label printer for your facility. These printers can be used to print anything from official OSHA mandated labeling, to custom made options that inform employees within your facility of specific things.

While it is technically possible to order any type of label from a third party vendor, it is much more efficient and affordable to have a printer on site for fast, easy printing. For many facilities, one of the LabelTac printers is a perfect option. These printers have all the great features that are needed for an industrial label printer, and are durable enough for nearly any environment.

Convenience of Network Printing

[/caption]One of the best things about the LabelTac 4+ label printer is that you can install it on one computer in the facility, and share it with as many other networked computers as you would like. This means people can print custom labels from anywhere in the facility, and have them ready to pick up and use when they get to the printing area.For many facilities, this is another cost savings opportunity, since there is no need to have a different printer in every area. Each department can use their own computer equipment to design the labels that they need, and then send the print job to the one centralized printer.

Having a network label printer such as the LabelTac 4+ has many advantages, including the following:

  • Reduced Expenses – You can have all the label stock, ink and other resources kept in just one area, so you don’t need to order duplicates of each item for every printer in the facility.
  • Better Placement – Since you can have people access the printer from anywhere in the facility, you can keep the printer in a clean office. This can help the printer last longer, with fewer problems, than if you had to have it located near dirty machinery or other hazards.
  • Improved Support – Since you can have the printer in one central location, you can have one person who provides support on how to use the printer. You can even have a design expert who can help some groups make the labels they need if they don’t know how to use the necessary software.
  • Easy Installation – It is far easier to set up one printer on one computer, and then share it across the network, than it would be to attempt to set up a different printer on several computers throughout the facility.
  • Less Service – This one may seem obvious, but it is still very important. Since you only have one printer that is being used by the whole facility, there is less that can break and need service. This makes it easier and less expensive to support for your IT teams.

Of course, there are many other significant benefits that companies can enjoy when they have a high quality label printer that is accessible through their facility network. Over time, you’ll discover all the conveniences of having these types of printers on your network.

Convenience of printing your own Labels

When it comes to the LabelTac 4+ printer, you’ll love the fact that you are able to print out labels as you need them. In the past, many facilities would order large numbers of pre-made labels to keep as inventory in the facility.

When a specific label was needed, you would have to go through the entire inventory to find the specific one you needed. Not only was this inconvenient and time consuming, but some labels would go unused for years, and end up getting damaged or thrown away.

When you have an on-site label printer, however, you just print off the exact labels you need, when you need them, so you never have to waste a single one. This eliminates a lot of wasted time and supplies, and offers you a lot of additional options. Of course, you can also create custom labels on the fly, which would have been impossible in the past.



Having an industrial label printer at your own facility will also save you a lot of money compared to ordering labels from a safety catalog or other third party provider. In fact, an average 4’’ x 6’’ label from a catalog will cost you $3.30 each. When you print it off on most label printers, it will cost $1.60. With the LabelTac 4+, however, you’ll pay just $.71 per label.

That includes the cost of the printer and label stock. It is easy to see how a facility would pay off the investment made into a printer quite quickly, without even factoring in the value of the time they saved by having the printer on site.

Another thing that makes this so affordable is that since you can access this network ready printer from anywhere in the facility, you won’t need to have more than one printer on site. So, in the event that you decide to get a new printer sometime in the future, you’ll just be ordering one replacement, rather than having to replace multiple printers throughout the facility.

Quality is everything

LabelTac Vinyl Supplies

LabelTac 4+ Network Label PrinterNo matter how convenient a label printer may be, if it can’t print off high quality, easy to read, durable labels, it is not a good investment. Fortunately, all of LabelTac’s printers use only the highest quality label stock available.

You can print multicolored labels that will meet the OSHA or other regulatory requirements for any area in your facility. In addition, these labels can be placed in nearly any environment without any trouble. So, whether you are looking to place a label on a wall above an indoor fire extinguisher, or you need to label an exterior door, these labels will work perfectly.

Every label you print, no matter what it is going to be used for, will be easy to see and read, thanks to the 300 DPI print resolution you will get from the LabelTac 4+ printer. This will help ensure your labels have nice clean lines, recognizable pictograms and, of course, easy to read text.

Related to this is the fact that you will be able to print just about any size or shape label that you would need. Specifically, the LabelTac 4+ can print labels that range in size from ½’’ all the way up to 4’’ tall, and they can be pretty much as wide as you could need them.

Since the printer comes with free, unlimited support for life, you know you’re working with the highest quality label printer you’ll be able to find anywhere.

Invest in a Label Printer Today

Given the fact that a high quality LabelTac 4+ printer is extremely affordable, and will save additional money over time, it is easy to see why so many businesses are making the upfront investment to get this type of printer into their facility.

Whether you really love the fact that this is a network ready printer, or you’re just impressed with the overall quality of the machine, it makes sense to update your facility with this type of high quality network label printer right away.

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