I work in the B2B industry, and networking and KEEPING good contacts is essential to my company’s continued survival.

Trust me, I didn’t start this blog because I felt the world NEEDED to hear my opinions — although, I have to admit, it is a very cathartic, pleasurable part of my day, I’ve found.

No, the reason I originally started blogging was to increase my network.  By putting myself out there, and showing my interest (and, hopefully knowledge) in my subject field, perhaps others may see me as a more credible and reliable source for providing them with their industrial safety supplies.  With every post I make, I try and display a little part of how I think, what is important to me, and what I can offer of my experience.

So, in my efforts to network, I came across a very cool Forbes article of ways to succeed at the art of networking, by Samanatha Ettus.

Here is a highlight of 5 networking tips from her list of 25:

  • Use Your Professional Photo.  When connecting on social media, people want to see your photo, not your baby’s or a company logo.
  • Keep it Positive. Save the car payment talk or your dog’s medical issues for close friends.
  • Don’t Stick to Those You Know.  When at an event or business setting, branch out.
  • Pay it Forward.  Networking is not an eye for an eye game. Help others and they (not necessarily the same others!) will help you.
  • Listen as Much as You Talk.  Never leave a conversation without learning something.

I like this–it’s a common sense list, and we ALL know most of them, but they make a very concise summation of how we should approach all interactions and relationships.

Read Ms. Ettus’ article, “25 Ways to Win at Networking” Here =>


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