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In workplaces where both pedestrians and indoor vehicles such as forklifts need to share the same space, accidents are a real possibility. Unfortunately, when accidents occur between people and vehicles, the results can be very serious. Most facilities try to put up safety signs to remind everyone to be careful, but that is not always effective.

When looking for an automated system that will give advanced warning to both the pedestrians walking in the facility and the forklift drivers, you want the Collision Sentry Warning System. This is a new solution that uses advanced sensors to monitor for motion on both sides of a corner. If movement is detected, it will emit a bright visual alarm so everyone can take the proper action to avoid an accident.

Simple Installation

The collision sentry warning system is a convenient size so you can easily lift it and position it with just one person. It is designed to easily attach to just about anything including railings, posts, shelving units, and more. Using the durable strap, the system should be positioned high enough so that it won’t be blocked, and directly on a corner so that the sensors can ‘look’ in both directions.

Thanks to the self-contained power system (D-Batteries) there is no need to worry about wiring or looking for an outlet. This means the sentry can be placed just about anywhere that it is needed, which is very important for safety.

No Adjustment Needed

Another advantage to this system is that it uses pre-configured sensors that are pre-configured to monitor for movement in the right areas. There is no need to ‘aim’ the device at a specific area. Instead, just put it in its place, and turn it on. It will automatically start monitoring for people and vehicles immediately.

Seeing Around Corners

The biggest advantage of this system is that it is literally designed to look around corners. Corners present serious hazards to people in facilities because forklifts, high-lows, and other vehicles can travel very quietly. If a person and a forklift are coming around the corner at the same time, the results can be devastating.

This system effectively watches both directions at the same time. If a person or vehicle is traveling on one side, there is no alarm. But if there is a vehicle on one (or both) sides, and a pedestrian on the other, the alarm will sound.

This system can easily be described as an advanced version of putting up a mirror that allows people from either direction to see what is coming from the opposite side. Rather than requiring the pedestrian or the driver to actively look up, however, this system will be constantly monitoring the system to alert everyone to the presence of danger should it exist.

Minimal False Alarms

Anyone who has used a monitoring system like this in the past knows that false alarms can be quite common. Thanks to extensive testing and configuring, the manufacturers of this system have managed to dramatically reduce the number of false alarms that trigger. This is important not only because these alarms can be annoying, but also because false alarms can cause people to stop paying attention to the system so it is not effective.

Affordable & Effective Safety System

Perhaps more than anything else in history, technology has helped make it possible to improve the safety of employees in the workplace. New and innovative products like the collision sentry warning system dramatically reduce the risk of serious, potentially life threatening accidents and injuries from occurring in the workplace.

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