I was reading an article by Saurabh Chaturvedi and Santanu Choudhury “India’s Power Grid Collapses Again” on the Wall Street Journal’s online page, and as the title suggests, India’s power grid went down today.  What blew me away was that it is affecting what amounts to TWICE the population of the entire United States!  And, apparently, this is the second time in only two days, and officials aren’t sure what caused the failures. Possibly from the solar flares that were expected to hit us today? Hmmm.

This means that hospitals are having to have staff and nurses manually run things like respirators, trains are stopped, citizens are without basic electrical amenities, and many industrial plants have had to shift either to generators — or close shop.  But, what it also does is raise an awareness to India’s current power infrastructure, which is deteriorating due to lack of coal to generate electricity, and public protests to building nuclear power plants after witnessing the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

It’s always interesting to see when things like this outage happens in another country, and how they react to it.  In America, outages like these are usually much more compartmentalized, because we have several utility companies with different grids that aren’t completely linked, from my understanding.  If an area like New York City loses power, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Cleveland, Ohio will be affected, because it’s not all run from one state-run grid, like in India.

Read Chaturvedi and Choudhury’s article here =>

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