New LabelSuite™ Updates

labeltac printer on cart with labelsuiteMany new features have been added to Creative Safety Supply’s LabelSuite™ software in the last 30 days. Have you downloaded them yet? Helpful changes have been made to both the Generic Label Assistant and Pipe Marking Assistant applications. But that’s not all, the complete list of recent LabelSuite™ updates are as follows:

  • A new Health and Safety supply category
  • An updated text feature that allows for duplicating scalable text
  • A new curved text feature
  • The default font can now be adjusted
  • New formatting improvements for the pipe assistant application
  • New supply options such as wire wrap, RTK, etc.
  • A back button for the editor view option
  • Newly formatted home page
  • The editor now has two rows to save time in building label templates.

Manually Checking for Updates

Most people have their printer software set to receive automatic LabelSuite™ updates. While this is good for ensuring that you don’t miss any important and useful updates, those changes may also unfortunately go unnoticed.

If you haven’t noticed any updates for a while, take the time to check. It takes less than a minute if you follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the main menu
  2. Select “Software Settings” on the right
  3. Navigate to the “Updates” tab
  4. Click “Check for Updates Online”
  5. Select “Download” and then confirm the Installation

Having access to the latest version of LabelSuite™ will enable you to create the labels you want any time. Updates not only expand the capabilities of the user, but they also make sure to keep OSHA compliance in mind if there are any changes to regulatory standards.

If you’re having any trouble with LabelSuite™ you can give us a call at 1-866-777-1360 to talk with our tech support team. You can also find helpful resources on our support page here.


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