New Line of Industrial Lubricants from LPS Labs

LPS2 11 oz industrial strength lubricant

Keeping your machinery clean and friction-free is one of the best ways to maintain them and keep your business operating without adding maintenance issues to the operation. With that in mind, we’re offering a new line of industrial-grade lubricants, heavy duty degreasers, and contact cleaners from LPS Labs, one of the top manufacturers of professional maintenance products.

I used their LPS 2 lubricant the other day for a gearbox that was sounding pretty bad in our warehouse, and it is definitely of a higher caliber than some regular consumer-level sprays, like WD40.

Don’t get me wrong, I like WD-40 as lot, but this stuff clearly is made for more professional and industrial applications.  It seemed to have more of a film-like property to it–where the WD-40 runs with a more water-like consistency.  I don’t see having to add more in the near future, but we’ll see–that gearbox has always been a bit out of alignment, and I think it’s more than a single spray can remedy.

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