New OEE Calculator for Manufacturing Efficiency

Uncover your facility’s biggest losses and discover how close to perfection your production line is running with our new OEE calculator. As leaders in the industry, we are consistently striving to provide the improvement tools needed by manufacturers. This calculator is intended to start you on the journey of OEE and make it as simple as possible.

What is OEE?

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric is a general measure of how operations are performing and takes into account all possible losses; it is the ratio of total production time and how productive it actually is. The OEE calculator will give you an estimated score, an OEE score of 100% means your production line is running perfectly with no stop time and no defects, and an 85% score is considered a “world class” benchmark.

The most common formula to find the OEE ratio (Availability x Performance x Quality) seems simple, but each factor is a ratio in and of itself that must be calculated before OEE. Availability measures lost time from unplanned and unplanned stops, performance takes into account ideal cycle time and how fast process is actually running, and quality is calculated by dividing the total count of parts produced and dividing it by the total number of good parts, the parts that did not need to be scrapped or reworked.

The OEE Calculator

Instead of going through several math problems and dealing with percentages and ratio, the OEE calculator takes care of that for you. It’s an easy way to get a big-picture overview of how your production line is operating and where it’s falling short. If your OEE score is low, don’t be discouraged! Instead focus on how you can improve that and start coming up with a plan.

If any of the OEE metrics are off, you will be able to identify which of the Six Big Losses was the cause. See a low score for availability? Look at your unplanned stoppages and see what’s causing them. If you are notice your quality metric isn’t up to standard, consider performing a root cause analysis to truly understand your manufacturing process. Often, making many small improvements over time will have a major impact on your OEE score.

Work with frontline operators and assembly line workers and create a list of improvements to begin making. Set a reasonable target score to work towards, it should be a score that could be reached in about three months. You can use the OEE calculator as a key performance indicator for evaluating the effectiveness of your improvement efforts.

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