New Options: Why paint lines to mark your aisles or safety lanes? It is a mess.

Why paint lines to mark your aisles or safety lanes?  It is a mess.  It chips off.  It looks terrible as it wears.  Instead save time and money with industrial floor tapes such as SafetyTac and enhance the looks of your industrial space.

SafetyTac is strong – industrial tapes are now widely regarded by companies of all sizes to be the most effective, long-lasting method for marking their warehouse and manufacturing floors.  It daily stands up to the repeated heavy wear of trucks, forklifts, chemicals, heavy boot traffic – what ever you might slide or push or pull or put on a floor!

Do you want to save time?  Use SafetyTac and you will save precious time.  No more painting.  No more waiting for paint to dry.  Time is money after all.  Just peal and stick – one employee can do it!

It comes in widths of 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6”.  Colors range from yellow and orange to purple and green.  It also comes hazard striped.  There are 100 feet per role.  No special applicator is needed for install.  An added bonus to think about as we just celebrated Independence Day is that this tape is made right here in America for American workers.  This industrial floor tape is so attractive and is so anxious to help you it is ready to walk over there itself.

Who doesn’t like to get ahead?  Let SafetyTac help.

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