New Process Excellence Tools from Creative Safety Supply: Process EX Daily from Dbar Innovations

The ProcessEX website

Our company has recently decided to promote process excellence tools from Dbar Innovations, a Lean Six Sigma consulting firm founded in 1998 who assists “small and large size businesses around the world improve in their business processes and strategies.”

On Wednesday, August 15th, 2012, Dbar is releasing what they are touting as one of the “most innovative” process excellence-centered global networks:

Introducing ProcessEX-Daily- the all inclusive development network site that provides you with a platform that includes all the Training, Tools, and Networking Resources needed to achieve greater results with current and future  successes.

Here is what we can expect from PROCESSEX-DAILY:

  • Hawkeye the Powerful Web-Based Lean Six Sigma Project Management System
  • Interactive Training Room (you can be a Teacher or a Student)
  • Advanced Networking (AUDIO/VIDEO Conferencing, LIVE HELP DESK)
  • Standard Networking (FORUM, BLOG, EMAIL, CHAT)
  • Interactive Process Excellence Related WIKI pages (Add Your Contributions)
  • Interactive Tools and Templates (Upload or Download powerful files)
  • Interactive News Paper (Submit or Read interesting Success /Failure stories)
  • Interactive Classified Ads (Showcase your product or service for others to find)

I, personally, am looking forward to see how this network takes off — it certainly has a great start!

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