Oil and Fuel Spill Kits

Even in industrial facilities there are some spills which are more dangerous than others, and it is no surprise that spilling fuel or oil is going to be one of those cases.  Oil and fuel are used in a wide range of different places from airports to mining operations and just about any factory setting you can imagine.  Whenever these types of products are used it is critical to have oil and fuel spill kits at hand to help get them cleaned up right away.

Dangers of Oil & Fuel Spills

While just about everyone will immediately recognize the fact that when these types of products are spilled they can cause a major fire hazard if they are not cleaned up right away, there are other dangers as well.  The fumes from oil and fuel can be quite toxic when they are in an enclosed area and depending on the length of exposure can cause major health problems.  Good oil and fuel spill kits will get everything cleaned up right away to avoid both fire and fumes.

When working with oil you also have to worry about slip-and-fall accidents resulting from the slick oil making it almost as slippery as ice.  If you don’t clean up an oil spill right away it can spread out and make a small spill into a much larger problem than it needed to be.  This is why it is critical to have oil and fuel spill kits located close to any area where a spill may occur.

What are Oil and Fuel Spill Kits

These are specially designed kits which have supplies in them which were made specifically to clean up petroleum based products.   They typically have a large pad which can be placed on top of the spill to begin soaking it up.  Unlike more general purpose spill kits these won’t have a problem absorbing oil and fuel.  They can even be placed on a spill which is in the water and it will soak up the gas out of the water to keep it safe.

There are many different sizes available for an oil and fuel spill kit ranging from a small kit contained in a bucket to large dumpster sized options.  The size you’ll need will depend on how much oil and fuel you’re typically working with.  In some locations there is almost no risk of spilling more than a gallon or two at a time, and for those areas a smaller kit would work just fine.  For places where a much larger spill is a real possibility you’ll want to choose a much large kit.

In addition to the cleaning supplies within them, many of the oil and fuel spill kits will also serve as a disposal area where the dirty supplies can be placed and removed.  This is a great way to eliminate any additional risk by putting an oil or fuel soaked object in with other materials.  It is always especially critical to respond properly to any type of oil or gas spill and these kits will help ensure that is possible.


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