A management consultant in Singapore – Lam Chun See – writes an interesting blog (My 5S Corner).  In a recent post he address the fact that some people think that Singapore is not clean nor green – a shocking statement, considering that it is the cleanest and safest city in the world!  He writes in his post Let’s bring back Operation Broomstick:

  • Last Tuesday, a Canadian visitor wrote a letter to the Straits Times Forum. Unlike this other Canadian visitor, Mr James Cruikshank did not mince his words in describing what a filthy city we have become. Several other readers wrote expressing their agreement with his views.
  • Many years ago we used to have a Keep Singapore Clean Campaign. Later we upgraded it to the Keep Singapore Clean and Green Movement. Recently we further upgraded (that’s Singapore for you, we believe in continuous upgrading) that to the Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement.
  • As for me, I say, let’s bring back Operation Broomstick. What’s the point in trying to be green when you cannot even be clean? And if you are dirty, there no way you can be beautiful, right?

He continues in his post:

What is Operation Broomstick?

  • According to the People’s Association’s publication, Citizens, Conversations & Collaborations: Chronicles of the Citizens’ Consultative Committee:
  • “The Housing and Development Board launches Operation Broomstick in 1968 to clear housing estates of litter and rubbish, and CCC leaders are there to help get residents to take an active part in the massive nationwide operation – right down to elderly women with their own brooms.” 
  • The second photo shows Health Minister Chua Sian Chin at MacPherson Estate

This should make us pause and consider: if the cleanest city in the world can think it needs to clean up even more, what could most workplaces be doing?

“PM Lee personally leads the way in a mass drive to spring-clean the city for the National Loyalty Week in 1959.”

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