OSHA Updates on PPE

This week Summit Safety Group looks at some OSHA updates and what they look at when performing a walkthrough in a facility. Specifically, what they are looking at in regards to personal protective equipment used in any given situation.

The video points out that offering personal protective equipment to employees is not sufficient to pass an OSHA walkthrough. Instead, there must be a full PPE hazard assessment for each work function in a worksite or facility.

PPE Hazard Assessments

PPE hazard assessments have a variety of requirements associated with them. Making sure that all the required information is included in the assessment will help ensure that you are not at risk of getting a citation when OSHA is performing their walkthrough. Some of the specific requirements mentioned include:

  • One for Each PPE Required Area – Anywhere that PPE is used should have a PPE hazard assessment. The hazard assessment needs to be specific to the area using the PPE.
  • Updated Annually – Every hazard assessment should be looked at annually to determine whether there are any modifications that are needed to ensure it is accurate.
  • Modified with Changes – If there are any changes to the workplace, including new equipment, changes to procedures, or other things that could impact what PPE is needed, the hazard assessment should be updated as well.
  • Performed by a Competent Individual – Another thing that OSHA looks at is who is preparing the PPE hazard assessment. It must be completed by a competent individual. This could be a safety manager or someone from a third party. Someone who works within an area should not be performing the assessment.

Beryllium Ruling

In addition to the important information on PPE assessments, this video also confirmed that OSHA has moved the effective date on their Beryllium ruling to May 20th. This will give companies additional time to prepare for the new regulations, which reduce the permissible exposure limit to just .2 micrograms per meter of air (averaged over a period of 8 hours), among other things.

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