Pipe Marking with LabelSuite™

Every LabelTac® printer comes with the easiest labeling software on the market. Featuring an expansive library of ready-to-print templates and symbols, LabelSuite™ makes creating custom signs and labels a breeze. Included in this software is the Pipe Marking Assistant to guide you step-by-step through the design process of creating compliant pipe labels. Pipe marking is a critical part of visual communication in the workplace. Properly marked pipes give workers, visitors, and first responders important information about a pipe’s contents and with LabelSuite, you will never be outside of ANSI/ASME A13.1 regulation.

 How to Create Pipe Markers 

Making compliant pipe markers in LabelSuite is a simple process when you know your pipe’s dimensions and contents. First, open LabelSuite, click “use a label assistant,” and select the pipe labeling assistant.

Next, enter in the pipe’s contents; typing text into the text field will update the preview instantly. LabelSuite has the ANSI/ASME color combinations for classification. Don’t know what color combo you need? Refer to our free Pipe Marking Guide for a breakdown of A13.1 color code. In this example, we will select green, for “other water.”

LabelSuite ensures the right text-to-height ratio and automatic label length mode will give you the right size label. If you are unsure, you can also use the guide to determine which label size and text size is needed for your pipe’s diameter.

Finally, you have the option to add symbols before printing the label. Arrows should be used to indicate the direction the contents in the pipe are flowing and although it’s not as common, the 2015 revision of the ANSI/ASME standard recommends using GHS pictograms for hazardous chemicals.

We are now ready to print our label! LabelTac printers use thermal transfer technology to create long-lasting vinyl labels. The material has an adhesive backing that you simply peel off to apply your custom pipe marker. Depending on the pipe you are labeling, we also offer specialty label supplies for extreme temperatures and other unique conditions.

With LabelTac industrial printers, eliminate the hassle of ordering and waiting for pipe labels. Instead, print as many pipe labels as you need whenever and wherever you need them.

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