Product Spotlight: Gauge Warning Film Circles

Gauges are used in many workplaces to display things like speed, pressure, temperature, fill level, and more. These gauges make it easy for employees to keep an eye on a measurement that they can’t physically inspect. In most cases, gauges will have ideal levels, warning levels, and danger levels that need to be monitored for.

A normal gauge isn’t always easy to read at a glance. If, for example, a pressure tank normally operates at 80PSI, needs to be inspected at 100 PSI, and is dangerous at 120PSI, an employee would have to be aware of these exact levels in order to properly inspect the machine. If they mix up what levels different gauges in the facility should be at, it could lead to disaster.

This is why it is so important to visually mark the gauges so that anyone in the facility can identify a problem at just a glance. In order to accomplish this, gauge warning film circles are an ideal option.

Easy Application

Most gauges come without any backing other than the numbers. This is because the different danger levels (normal, warning, danger) are different for every machine. Applying gauge warning film circles allows you to set each level exactly where it needs to be.

The film circles come in green (normal), yellow (warning), and red (danger) colors, and in a variety of sizes. To apply the circles simply select the proper size based on the size of the gauge. Then cut out the portion of the circle that is needed to cover the entire area that qualifies for that color. If pressure from 0 to 80PSI is normal, for example, then cut the green gauge warning film circle in such a way that it will go over those numbers.

The circles fit easily into any gauge, and are transparent enough to make it very easy to see the numbers from the gauge itself. Apply the three colors as needed, then begin using the gauge normally again. Employees will be able to see the colors and the numbers, which means everyone will be able to see when there is potential danger.

Using Multiple Colors

One of the biggest benefits of these items is that they come in three colors so you can identify the different risk levels. To install all three colors, simply cut out the portion you need from each color, and carefully apply it. The colors can but up next to each other so that it appears to be one circle with three different colors.

Applying each color is surprisingly easy. Since the circles will be the exact same size, they will fit together nicely and with minimal effort. Simply place one where it needs to go, then line up the next one, and finally the last one. With a steady hand, the film will look great and be easy to read for all employees.

Long Lasting

These gauge warning film circles are made from durable film and have a strong adhesive on the back. Once installed, the film will last for years without fading or pealing up. On gauges that are covered with some type of glass or plastic, the film will outlast the gauge itself in virtually every instance. Even on open gauges the film itself will last, and it can be cleaned using normal damp cloths that would be used to clean the gauge itself.

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