Product Spotlight: KleenGuard Protective Apparel

When people think about personal protection equipment, they typically think about hard hats, steel toed boots, and safety goggles. One of the most commonly used types of protective gear, however, is fairly normal looking protective apparel. Protective apparel from KleenGuard is used in many industries ranging from medical labs to manufacturing facilities and offers an excellent first line of defense from a wide range of different hazards that are commonly found in the workplace.

Look Like Normal Work Clothing or Uniforms

The apparel from KleenGuard is designed with safety first in mind, but it is also made to look and feel nice so employees will be happy to wear it. In fact, many people don’t even realize that this type of apparel is a form of protective gear that is keeping them safer while at work. Depending on which apparel is chosen, these items can be buttoned up, zipped up, sealed with tape, or slipped right on to allow easy preparation at the start of a shift.

Types of Protection

KleenGuard makes a full lineup of protective apparel, so looking at each individual item is the best way to learn about what types of protective features it offers. The following, however, are some of the different ways that KleenGuard protective apparel help to keep those who are wearing it safe:

  • Liquid Barrier – The material is made to stop liquids from soaking through and coming in contact with the skin. This is important when working with biological liquids (body fluids, etc.) or when working with chemicals that could cause skin irritation.
  • Particulate Barrier – Stopping particles of materials from getting through the clothing is an important feature. Tiny particles of wood, metal, fiberglass, or other very small materials are kept away from the skin to avoid irritation or other issues.
  • Antistatic – The material resists the buildup of static, and passes the NFPA 99 criteria for this feature. Avoiding static is important in many industries and can be a key safety feature.
  • Acid Resistant – Some of this protective apparel is resistant to acidic or caustic materials and will provide an excellent first line of protection in environments where these types of things are present.
  • Clean – Even in areas where health hazards are minimal, this protective apparel will allow employees to keep their personal clothing clean, even in work environments that are messy.

Protection from Head to Toe

Kleenguard makes protective apparel for many different uses. In some industries a simple protective shirt will be sufficient. In more hazardous areas, coverage from head to toe may be required. Choosing the right options based on the work environment is very important and will help to ensure employees are safe throughout the day.

You can choose from full body coveralls that include a hood and boots, full body coveralls with no head or feet coverings, hood and face seals, sleeve protection, shoe or boot covers, pants, shirts, or any combination of these items. With this full line of high quality protective apparel, employees will have access to the necessary gear to do their jobs with as little risk of exposure as possible.

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