Professional Label Printer : Brother P-Touch QL-570 Review

Professional Label Printer
When you need a good label printer, one of the top brands that come to mind are the Brother P-Touch series.

Made to hold up to everyday use (which, believe me, the definition of “everyday use” is very subjective in the world of professional label printers), the Brother QL-570 has everything that all the other QL-500 series has, like the ability to create high-resolution label images, 2.4 inch wide label printing ability, a 2 year warranty, heavy duty cutter, and easy access to labeling supplies via many consumer outlets.

Plus, it can churn out about one label per second.  That’s fast!

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Everything that is included with this label printer is good, except for the software.  Before getting one of these products to try, I read a couple of online reviews that pointed to how poorly-executed the software is, but I had no idea how ridiculous it would really be.

After trying unsuccessfully to use it to print a simple address label, I had to reroute printing from MS Word to finally get it to work, but, in the printer’s defense, it worked like a charm minus he software

So, bottom line, ditch trying to even use the software and print from a program like Word or OpenOffice.

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