Reflective Tape

When putting together a safety plan for a factory, warehouse or other facility it is important to start by looking for ways to prevent accidents.  It is no surprise that many accidents are the result of people not realizing they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just not being able to see properly where they were going.  It is an unfortunate reality that in many of these facilities you simply can’t see due to lack of lighting, sharp corners or other distractions.  While you can’t always fix those problems, you can minimize the risk by adding reflective tape to the area to help ensure warning of potential dangers.

Reflective tape can be used in a wide range of areas for many different reasons.  It is most useful when in an area which may not be brightly lit and people frequently travel through the area.  Whether with a flashlight or the headlights of a vehicle, reflective tape can help alert individuals to danger with plenty of time to take action to avoid it.

Where to Use Reflective Tape

There are many different places in just about every facility that could benefit from reflective tape.  Of course, each location will be a little different, but these general ideas can help you figure out exactly how useful this tape can be.

  • Dark Corners – No matter how much effort is put into lighting, there will always be shadows in factories and warehouses.  With this in mind, adding reflective tape to dark corners can help alert people to the fact that the path is about to end.  This is important when people are carrying heavy objects or driving through the area in a hi-low or other vehicle.
  • Parking Lots & Company Roads – More and more public roads are having reflective objects placed between lanes to help drivers avoid accidents, and it just makes since to do this for roads in and around your facility as well.  Many locations have drivers who are moving large objects which make it hard to see so having reflective tape to follow in the dark can really save the day.
  • On People – When people are walking through areas in the dark it can be extremely helpful to have their clothing marked with reflective tape.  Many companies will place this tape on the coats which people use since it is inexpensive and can be quickly replaced when it gets old or dirty.
  • On Vehicles – While it is critical for drivers to see where they are going and any people around them, it is also helpful for people to be able to see vehicles as they move through the area.  As more and more electric vehicles are being used this is even more critical.  Electric vehicles are very quiet since they don’t have a loud engine in them so being able to see them come and go is an important safety feature.

There are many other areas where you can use this affordable and versatile tape around your facility.  Just remember that when you place the tape in an area that it should be cleaned regularly to help keep it as visible as possible.

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