Respect for People and Continuous Improvement = Lean

On Joe Dager’s Lean-based website,, he and David Veech of The Lean Way produced a podcast in which they conversed about the two “over-arching drivers” that should be inherent in any successful lean implementation: respect for people and continuous improvement.

In the podcast, Veech makes the point that the technicality of continuous improvement and the use of its tools are usually utilized, but goes on to expand on the greater importance of respecting the workforce.

it is definitely a decision when you choose to show respect for your workforce then that is going to open up tremendous amounts of creative resources that will change the way you think about your work.

Throughout my career, as a leader or as one of the workers on the floor, I’ve always tried to offer ideas and foster communication through the ranks. lean is not necessarily an easy thing to implement, and we need as much help and positive attitudes as possible.

That’s why I agree with nearly everything these guys said. Veech is not crazy, he’s a lean coach who “focuses on people in organizations and how lean; leadership, and learning systems contribute to overall employee satisfaction and well-being.”

To listen to the Business901 podcast, click here.

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