Farmingdale, NY based risk management company, EtQ, and moderator Quality Digest are presenting a risk management webinar on October 10, 2012 episode of Quality Digest Live at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

EtQ’s company website is dedicated to creating quality risk management solutions, and has this to say about its stance on its software products:

EtQ’s Quality Management Software is an integrated quality and compliance management software system that has been pre-configured to specifically address the needs of the Manufacturing industry and ISO 9000 processes.

The webinar on Wednesday offers proactive information and ideas to professionals saddled with risk management duties in their company.

The webinar is slated to tackle such lofty goals as to demonstrate how to successfully implement risk management as a strategy – not only as a “post-production event,” in which best practices application risk factors can be assessed and targeted not only toward processes, but also to products.





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