Safety measures in Industries

Safety measures are taken in industries to prevent accidents and to improve the productivity. Safety measures are essential for the welfare of the people working in the industry and for the overall benefit of the organization. By incorporating safety measures at various levels, the awareness on safety will improve. It is possible to prevent accidents. It is possible to handle emergencies in a better way. There will not be a breakdown of machines. Employees will be able to work without being exposed to conflicting conditions.

Safety policy

In order to take safety measures effectively, organizations should have a safety policy. The safety policy statement will give direction to the management. The management is responsible for the implementation of safe methods and practices. The organization should realize that worker’s health and safety takes precedence to the job or task to be accomplished. If there is any threat of safety in the way the worker is performing the job, there should be concerted effort to finish the task with least health effect on the worker. The procedures implemented in the organization should be verified, inspected and subjected for improvement if there is any requirement for the enhancement of safety.

If a job cannot be done in a safe method, the job should not be attempted. The place of work should be safe to perform various tasks. There should be proper lighting, ventilation and no congestion of things.

Importance of safety

Training plays an important role to implement safety policies in an organization. Training brings uniformity among various levels of employees. There will not be any confusion or conflict. By imparting training on a regular basis, it is possible to impart the basic and specific skills to perform the job in an efficient manner. It is the responsibility of each and every employee to follow the guidelines laid by the management. Unsafe working conditions should be reported to the supervisory and management staff. Employees should work in a professional way by taking all the necessary precautions.

Safety & Training

Safety and training in the company should be monitored by the safety director. Safety director should train foremen so that they will be able to know the procedures to investigate accidents. Machine operators should be trained both in the classroom environment and in the workplace. Training at various levels should comply with the state and federal regulations. It should be ensured that no employee will work on unguarded machine.

Protective equipment

In order to ensure the safety of workers, protective gear should be used. If you are doing welding works, you should use goggles to protect your eyes. If you are working in a warehouse, you should wear hard hats and your eyes should be protected. Usage of helmet, leather coat, apron, gloves and other equipment is necessary depending on the working conditions. The helmet should be provided with a focusing light if you are working in low light or no light conditions. If you are working in a paint shop, the eyes should be protected. It is the responsibility of the safety manager that even visitors will be provided with safety gear.

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