Safety Tape

Safety tape is one of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to improve the safety of your manufacturing facility.  In fact, it is so effective that it is one of the highest recommended options for increasing safety in the 5s certification standards.  There are many different places where this type of tape can be used to help improve safety, and even help improve efficiency for factories since you can use color coded tape based on the different locations within your facility.

Another great thing about adding safety tape to your safety plan is that it is so affordable and easy to use.  It is also quite versatile so you can use it for a wide range of different things.  Whether you’re just considering adding this tape to your facility for the first time or you’re looking to replace some that has begun to wear off, it is an excellent option for many different types of businesses.  Some of the types of facility that often use it include:

  • Oil Rigs – Tape can be placed near areas where falls are possible to indicate how close to the edge one is, or to help keep people away from dangerous areas.
  • Factories – You can use the tape to indicate restricted areas or to illustrate how far some types of machinery reach when in motion.
  • Mining Operations – Use the tape to provide clear routes to different areas to prevent people from taking a wrong turn.

Of course, there are many other things you can use this tape for in virtually any type of industry.  With several different color options available you can create a custom plan for your specific facility and train each employee to understand what the different colors mean.  There are, of course, some standard color codes such as red meaning danger, green is safe and yellow is meant to urge caution.  You can add additional colors based on your specific needs.

Additional Uses

While most people immediately think of using safety tape on the floors to help identify different areas and boundary’s, there are other great uses for it as well.  If, for example, you have different areas in your facility which need to perform different tasks, or go to different locations in the event of an emergency you can use the tape to indicate different areas.  Many companies will wrap columns in each area with a specific colored tape so it is simple to see which area you’re in as you walk through the facility.

With such a versatile tool it is possible to use safety tape to create custom guides for your specific facility.  Just take a moment and think about all the different areas it could be used in to help improve the safety of your facility.  At such an affordable price it will quickly pay for itself it is helps you avoid even just one minor accident.  It is also an excellent step toward achieving or retaining your 5s certification showing that your company is efficient, clean and safe.


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