SafetyTac Armor Tape Withstands the Most Extreme Environments

Manufacturing plants and large facilities that demand a lot of forklift and vehicular traffic to conduct business, require a floor tape that will withstand the rigorous and constant movement over the plant floor.  SafetyTac Armor Tape has been tested and used at major car manufacturers and some of the largest most extreme environment manufacturing facilities in the world.  After numerous tests, the SafetyTac Armor Tape has come out on top and has survived over all other durable tapes and paint.

When you think of armor, you think of a protective shield that will withstand any type of aggressive movement upon it and will uphold over a long period of time.  The SafetyTac Armor Tape is wisely named as such due to its rigid composite material that is both shatter and break-resistant.  It will be protected from the most extreme vehicular and equipment traffic but yet will allow for other carts, dollies, and other items to slide easily over the tape due to the low profile.

The armor like tape will keep all your safety lines and hazard zone areas looking like new and will not fade, rip or scratch like other heavy duty tapes or paint.  It is important for a manufacturing facility to keep their employees safe and the long lasting durable SafetyTac Armor Tape will keep aisles, pathways and hazardous areas visible for a much longer period of time than other types of markings.  The SafetyTac Armor Tape is a great solution for marking steps in large entertainment and sporting arenas where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.  The constant movement up and down the stairs from all kinds of footwear by thousands of people will maintain its appearance and will not disappear over time.

When you look at the cost of painting safety and hazard lines compared to the cost of floor tape, findings will show you are paying more out of your pocket for paint.  Tests and actual reviews and comments from plant managers and maintenance personnel have indicated that when they have used paint for line markings, the paint will start to disappear after only a few weeks.  Not only do you have to purchase a large amount of paint, you need to keep it in inventory which costs your company money.  It will also cost a facility lower production time because the area that is being painted will have to be shut down while the paint is applied, while the paint goes through its dry and cure time and for the paint fumes to dissipate.  There is no paint on the market that can withstand continues heavy duty truck traffic over the painted lines for more than a few weeks at best.  Once you make the initial investment for SafetyTac Armor Tape, it will last for many months and even years.   Another advantage of the SafetyTac Armor Tape is that it only requires a simple peel-&-stick application and no applicator is required for installing the tape.  The time it takes to apply the tape is quick and there is no messy, smelly clean up unlike paint.


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